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Things To Do Before Starting The Manali To Leh Ladakh Biking Trip


The majority of the Northern Himalayan region, which has a topography and moonscape unlike any other, comprises Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. It is primarily a wind-driven journey through some of the most stunning and difficult terrain on the planet, full of adventure, animals, and culture. Leh Ladakh is a region abundant in both soul-stirring experiences and natural beauty.

You’ll be able to connect with yourself through these encounters, and the breathtaking scenery will stay in your memory forever. You’ve loaded up on everything you’ll need, so get ready for an amazing journey. A vacation to Leh Ladakh in India is all about experiencing the sensation of snow-capped mountains, rough terrain, towering peaks, dangerous roads, and roaring motorcycle engines.. In a nutshell, setting out on a Ladakh bike tour is all about having good vibes with a  rider’s unwavering attitude. 

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh 

Biking across Leh Ladakh bike trips is best done from June to September. As long as riders can enjoy their bike trip to Lahaul and Spiti, they can experience the best of Ladakh during these months. Since Ladakh offers breath-taking views that can be experienced all year round save for the rainy season, most motorbike riders opt to start their new year with this daring bike trip. Cycling the challenging Manali-Leh route is regarded as one of the world’s most daring riding expeditions because it crosses many of the highest mountain passes.

Biking along this road is not only exciting, daring, and suspenseful, but it’s also a treat because motorcyclists are always surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Biking through six mountain passes, countless rivers and nullahs, passing by glaciers up close, navigating hundreds of hairpin curves, visiting high altitude lakes and gompas, conversing with locals and nomads and taking in Himalayan flora and fauna are all part of the Manali Leh bike tour.

List of things you need to look into before starting the trip

Prepare Physically: 

Although it is a bike ride, it is recommend that you maintain good physical condition before starting the trip. Maintain an exercise routine and strive to improve your cardiovascular endurance. Begin jogging every day, and as you progress, aim to complete 5 kilometres in no more than 35 to 40 minutes. If you have any health concerns, stay home or see a doctor before you embark on this high-altitude ride.

Choose the right bike: 

Because you’ll be riding on the roughest roads, you can’t afford to compromise on the quality of the bike, so make your choice carefully. Make sure the bicycle is in good shape and pay close attention to its features.. The Royal Enfield 350C or an Enfield Bullet are recommend, however pulsar bikes are also an option.

Get Your Bike Serviced:

 Keep in mind that you’re travelling a long way, so if you’re unsure whether your bike has receive adequate maintenance then to guarantee a hassle-free trip, get it service as soon as you can. Get everything mended because safety must come first.Before setting off on a journey that will involve many difficulties, rough terrain, and much more, make sure all parts are in good working order.

Carry First Aid Kit:

Safety always comes first, so have your first aid box close by. It should contain Band-Aids, antiseptic, Crocin for fever and body aches, and Avomine for vomiting. Keeping first aid on hand should always be your first priority because weather changes have a significant impact on your body.

Carry the essential documents: 

It is essential to bring all necessary documentation on your journey to Ladakh so that you do not run into any difficulties. On your journey, you may come across a number of locations where a pass and your identification documents are require for verification.  Therefore, it is usually preferable to be a little more aware of all your crucial documents.

You will require your driver’s license, the bike’s registration documents, your proof of insurance, a pollution control certificate, and two recent photos of yourself. Always have two or three extra copies of the aforementioned documents with you. While you keep your original documents safe, it is preferable for you to have copies of both your registration certificate and your insurance certificate.

Buy a postpaid sim:

In case you weren’t aware, Jammu and Kashmir has a government rule that prohibits the use of prepaid phones. In order to stay connected to the outside world, make sure to bring a postpaid sim.

Carry food with yourself:

You shouldn’t rely on street vendors to feed you when you’re travelling.. There may be moments when nothing is available along the way, so you should essentially carry extra food supplies like chips, biscuits, glucose, and other little food items. Keep these food items in an easily accessible backpack pocket so you may immediately get them when you feel hungry. Bring along some chocolate bars, a small package of chips, some quick-cooking noodles or oats, and possibly some protein-packed chocolate bars for extra energy.

Be self-assure in your abilities and riding style. For the trip, avoid trying anything flashy or unusual. Just be aware of your driving talents and shortcomings. Make a note if someone warns you of driving too quickly around curves. In the highlands, don’t drive too fast. If you drive quickly, you won’t enjoy the trip. Take it easy and just embrace the journey.

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