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3 Great Routes To Enjoy The Journey From Bangalore To Ooty

One of India’s major cities, Bangalore, is home to people from all around the nation. Traveling is a popular activity here on weekends and other holidays because a large portion of the population believes that life is outside. Ooty, Coonoor, Munnar, and Chennai, to name a few, are among the locations that are conveniently reachable by road. If you choose the appropriate route and give each tourist place enough time, travelling from Bangalore to any of the best tourist destinations in South India would be a wonderful experience. 

A tour package from Bangalore to Ooty might energise you if you have a strong love for nature and enjoy long drives. Both adventure and beautiful scenery can be found along the way. Expect to enjoy some pleasant views of the area’s verdant hills, dormant streams, and misty waterfalls. 

The summer months, when temperatures average around 20 degrees, are the finest times to visit Ooty. Three well-liked routes connect Bangalore with Ooty. You can locate some wonderful places to stop on either one of them to restore your energy.

Route 1: The Mysore-Masinagudi Route

Bangalore to Ooty travel through this often used route.

It takes about 7 hours on the NH 275 and 766, a distance of around 280 kilometers . On this route, you can stop to see some of the following sights:

  • Kanva Reservoir: Despite the short detour from Ramanagara, you should still go there, especially if you’re travelling by car or bicycle. It’s a man-made lake surrounded by lush fields, and it’s quite the sight, especially in the morning.

  • Ramadevara Betta: You must add trekking here to your agenda because it is only a few km from Ramanagara. If you go on the adventure with friends, will be enjoyable.

  • Janapada Loka: This wonderful location is another exciting location you may stop at to explore the beauty of the route and it is well-known for its outdoor museum. The museum has a folk type feel to it with artwork and handicrafts that are on display.

  • Heritage Winery: Visit this winery after crossing Channapatna to discover the winemaking process.

  • Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary: Visit this bird sanctuary in Maddur to see a wide diversity of bird species.

  • Mysore palace: Visit Mysore Palace or climb Chamundi Hills for a bird’s-eye perspective of the city if you wish to spend a few hours touring Mysore. Or you can simply stop for a quick lunch at one of the many highway restaurants in Mysore.

  • Bandipur Tiger Reserve: This location is ideal for nature and animal lovers and is known for having a small number of tigers.

Route No. 2: Kanakapura-Kollegal Route

Another common way for getting from Bangalore to Ooty is this one. Using National Highway 948, this route will take you about 7 hours to complete by car or bus. This covers a total distance of 290 kilometres. This is the route that public transportation frequently takes to get to Ooty the most. This route contains a number of things you really must see. Some of them consist of:

  • Mekedatu: This is the ideal location you may stop at if you’re searching for a peaceful area to unwind while travelling. Take a boat ride on the clear, freshwater close to Kanakpura to recharge for the remainder of the journey.
  • Chunchi Falls: The waterfalls in this area are well-known. But when you’re here, don’t forget to bring your camera. You wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to capture the scenery on camera.

  • Shivanasamudra:  From Malavalli, a short detour will bring you to this magnificent waterfall. The natural splendour of it will undoubtedly astound you. This location is a must-see and quite the sight.

  • Talakadu: This little-known location with 30 subterranean temples can be found not far from Shivanasamudra. It’s a terrific idea to investigate this area.

  • Somnathpur:  You may locate the magnificent temple of Somnathpur, a historical wonder with several carved representations of Lord Krishna, halfway between Talakadu and Bannur.

  • B.R. Hills: Drive through these peaceful hills on your way from Kollegal to get some amazing photos.

Route 3: The Salem-Coonoor Route

The Salem-Coonoor Route, another beautiful route from Bangalore to Ooty, is frequently referred to as the “road not taken.” Although it’s not a popular route, it can enable you take some beautiful photos. This route takes about 8 to 9 hours longer than the others, which is the main reason why many do not want to take it. It travels along National Highway 44, and the journey is fairly quite beautiful. Popular stopovers are:

  • Krishnagiri Dam: This is the ideal location to pause on your journey. Enjoy the refreshing breeze close to the dam and get some breathtaking images of this man-made masterpiece.

  • Yercaud: This hilly landscape in Salem is a visual pleasure. Here, the narrow paths, lush surroundings, and clean forest air make for the ideal pit stop.

  • Dolphin’s nose View Point: This location is primarily recognised for the breathtaking valleys that surround it. On your trip to Ooty or anytime you are returning to Bangalore, you can shoot some breathtaking shots from this location.

  • 1008 Lingam Temple: As its name implies, the 1008 Lingam Temple is an undiscovered jewel with 1008 Shiva lingas. Clean, quiet, and beautifully crafted. It is in Ariyanoor which is a few kilometres after Salem.
  • Highfield Tea Factory: Enjoy delicious fresh tea while observing the entire tea-making process, from plucking the leaves to the prepared tea.


Any route can be chosen, but while returning Mysore route can be congested. Be cautious when driving in places with forest reserves, such as Masinagudi, as there may be many hairpin bends. After the state highways, be aware of all the humps, narrow paths, and detours. Additionally, watch out for monkeys along the way and pay attention to any sign boards or bypasses that may be present. Decide on a route, make a travel itinerary, and then take a vacation to Ooty from Bangalore that you will remember forever.

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