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Top 7 Healthiest Water Types To Drink

If you also drink boiled water then be careful. In the process of eliminating harmful bacteria from water, health-giving minerals are also destroyed. 

Human body is made up of 70% of the water. Much of this comes out in the form of sweat and urine. This is the reason why it is considered very important for the body to remain hydrated. Health remains good if there is sufficient amount of water in the body. However, every type of water is not beneficial for health, but can be dangerous. According to research, there are 7 healthiest water types. Each type has its own pros and cons.

7 Healthiest Water Types

1. Tap Water

This is the water that comes from taps through pipes. It may or may not be drinkable. In India it does not come under the category of drinking water. It is used for cleaning toilet, kitchen sink, bathing and watering plants. Recent research published in the prestigious English newspaper The Guardian has revealed that tap water is full of aluminum and pesticides, hence it should be drunk only after boiling or filtering it.

2. Mineral Water

    This water is rich in minerals i.e. sulphur, magnesium and calcium are found in it. All the things which are beneficial for health. The amount of minerals in different brands of mineral water also varies. According to this quantity, the taste of water is slightly salty. Water containing minerals is very beneficial for health but not everyone can afford this water.

    3. Spring Water

      This is a water which is bottled and claims that it is glacier water. Natural spring water comes straight from the ground and is full of impurities unless it is treated. However, after water treatment, this water is considered the most beneficial.

      4. Sparkling Water

        It is known as soda water or carbonated water. Many times in your favorite restaurant you may have come across the question whether regular water, mineral or sparkling water! It goes through the process of carbonation and that is why it looks like soda water. Any type
        water can fall into this category if carbon dioxide is added to it. Although sparkling water contains minerals, it is not healthy in any way and is also expensive.

        5. Purified Water

          After coming from its source, this water goes through the process of purification in the plant. This eliminates bacteria and impurities present in water. It can also be bought from the market or you can drink this water by installing a water purifier at your home from commercial ro plant manufacturers.

          6. Well Water

            This is considered to be the dirtiest water. It is neither clean nor beneficial for health. During rain, water passes through the soil and goes underground. In rural areas, wells are dug and this water is used for drinking. Being groundwater, it is full of impurities. It must go through the process of purification before drinking it.

            7. Distilled Water

              Distilled water is passed through the process of reverse osmosis and distillation so that its impurities are removed. However, in this effort the natural minerals present in the water are also destroyed. Drinking this causes mineral deficiency in the body. When there is no other option to purify water, the water that is boiled and drunk at home
              falls in this category.


              Apart from these 7 healthiest water types, there are many other water types as well. The main ones among these are flavored or infused water and alkaline water. Sweetness is added to flavored water which is bad for health. The second type has higher pH level, which slows down the aging process and also prevents many diseases. So, these are the best healthy water to drink.

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