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10 New Themes of Indian Wedding Celebration

Nowadays the trend of theme wedding is in full swing. Let us know about 10 such new themes of Indian Wedding. Adopt such a theme in your wedding and make it unique and wonderful.

India is called the country of festivals and weddings. People of every religion and caste live here and everyone’s wedding rituals are different. In some places where marriages are conducted in a simple manner. At the same time, in some places, more attention is given to pomp and show in weddings. There is also a trend to show one’s grandeur in weddings here. At the same time, during the wedding season, everyone wants to do something new and different and to fulfill this need, the trend of theme wedding is in full swing these days. Let us know about 7 such new themes of Indian Wedding. Adopt such a theme in your wedding and make it unique and wonderful.

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Rajasthani Wedding Theme

In Rajasthani wedding theme, the wedding theme is given a touch of ‘Apno Rajasthan’. Rajasthani wedding is always liked. Used for colorful possible decoration like lower flooring with cushions and bolsters in wedding venue and decoration. Large earthen pots, vases, clay wind-chimes, wooden sculptures are use. Also, Rajasthani folk songs and dances are organize. Its guests are entertained with puppet shows. The bride wears traditional Rajputani lehenga and kundan jewelery and is sent off in a palanquin.

Royal Wedding Theme

Royal Wedding, as the name suggests, has everything royal in it. You can experience that royal wedding in the theme based on Royal Wedding. In this type of wedding the couple is also decorate in a royal manner. For a royal wedding, the wedding venue is kept in a royal palace. For this, the palace of kings, five star hotel or resort is chosen. In this theme, instead of DJ, live Shehnai and Nagara playing is organize. The menu in these weddings is also royal. There is also a feeling of grandeur in eating. One special thing about them is that instead of bottles, metallic spoons are use to serve drinks.

Lucknow Wedding Theme

The classic Lucknow theme implies a Nawabi wedding. The wedding venue for this can be a beautiful mansion, five star hotel or resort. The theme of wedding decoration is Mughal, in which chandeliers, lanterns and red roses are install. In Lucknow wedding theme, guests are welcome with Iftar and Gajars. An Umrao Jaan theme sangeet with ghazals and nazms is organize. The wedding menu serves Awadhi recipes including Tunde Kebab and Lucknow Biryani.

Fairytale Wedding Theme

A fairytale wedding theme focuses on the couple’s love story during the wedding. This is a wonderful wedding theme in which you will feel their love. For this, the wedding venue is keep somewhere outside and it is decorate like an indoor wedding venue. This place is decorate with chandeliers, flowers and star lights. Boards and planks are use in wedding decorations. In this type of wedding, a pool party is also arrange for the guests. The wedding venue is decorate in white, pink and pastel colors.

Beach Wedding Theme

In beach wedding theme, the wedding is organize on the seashore, such as Goa. This type of theme has the feel of a wedding as well as a holiday. This is one of the most popular Indian wedding themes nowadays. A beach resort or hotel is book as your wedding venue. Since most events are outdoor, guests are provided with colorful umbrellas, hats, scarves and sunglasses. Music nights or cocktail nights are organise. You can choose any of these themes for your wedding.

Unique Wedding Theme

Do you want to do everything in your own way, then this wedding theme is perfect for your wedding. Colors as per your wish, unique stands, bright colors will make your wedding theme completely unique. You can also add unique things as per your wish in it. can add

Vintage Wedding Themes

Many people like this style of old-fashioned wedding. If you also like this theme, then choose vintage wedding theme for your wedding. Old style doors, wooden chairs, etc. These are all elements of a perfect vintage wedding theme; bidding farewell in a vintage car at the end of the wedding will complete the theme.

Whimsical Wedding Theme

For the Sun couple, the wedding theme should be action based, bright colors, unusual things, lots of balloons. All this gives the look of a different wedding theme. Unique chairs, lots of flowers, make this theme even more beautiful.

Modern Wedding Theme

Modern design, fixed showpiece elements etc. all this makes a perfect modern wedding theme. Chairs decorated in dark colors and pictures made of modern patterns complete your modern wedding theme.

Creative Wedding Theme

If you like creative things then why not make your wedding theme also creative. You can make your wedding theme creative with DIY lamps, items made of wood. Make the wedding venue like a village. Old things are different. Decorate properly etc. All this is enough for a creative wedding theme.

This article is written by Harry currently associated with Bhandari Caterers a leading caterers in Ahmedabad.

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