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Why Should You Give Up on Offset Printing?

Printing has always been an essential part of the societal setup for centuries. Offset printing is among one of the oldest and most trusted printing techniques. With the change in time and technological advancement, printing technology has also advanced significantly. Due to this, there has been a remarkable decline in the use and popularity of offset printing.

Offset printing requires setting up prints on metal plates, which are transferred to the rubber bands. The rubber bands are used to create the bulk prints. The process is not feasible considering the fast-paced modern world.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore why you should give up on offset print and make the right choice for your setup.

Top 6 Drawbacks of Offset Printing You Must Know

Offset printing used to be the only reliable print option back in the day, but it is not anymore. The printing type and process are full of limitations which are heavy on the pocket and take too much time. You must learn about the drawbacks of offset print to know what you are signing up for if you are adamant about opting for it.

Here are the most notable drawbacks of offset printing you must know to make a better decision for future printing needs.

1. Highly Expensive

The first and foremost drawback of offset printing is that it is highly expensive. It requires a proper setup and establishment, which requires higher investment in terms of time and resources. The setup only applies to a single project, and a new one requires a new setup. The same makes it an overly expensive investment for smaller print jobs of one or two pages. It is only profitable in the case of bulk orders. Many people contact Xerox Dubai service providers and explore the latest printing devices which are cost-effective to enjoy a better return on investment.

2. Color Inconsistencies

Color inconsistencies are the next drawback of offset printing you must be aware of. The print results of such a printing are not always up to the mark or expectations. Due to the transfer of print from one medium to another, there is a greater risk of color inconsistency. The color may spread, get dull or merge with others to create a new but unwanted shade. You can never be sure of the end result of offset printing until and unless the print is in front of you. The color inconsistencies may ruin the print to the point that it is no longer usable, so decide carefully.

3. Lacks Environmental Friendliness

Offset printing lacks environmental friendliness, which is another critical drawback you must know. Such printing does not support single-page or few-page prints. Bulk printing is the only option, which means you will have to use more paper, even if you do not need them. The unneeded papers may get wasted later and add to environmental pollution. Moreover, it uses more ink, which is also wasted in the process. It also contributes to environmental pollution and undermines the cause. So, you must never opt for it mindlessly.

4. Requires Longer Dry Time

Offset print requires longer dry time, which is another notable drawback you must never ignore. Other types of print processes include in-built equipment for drying the inks and offering ready-to-use print copies. However, offset print is an exception, and the inks require extra drying time. Most of the time, you cannot use the printed copies or material before twenty-four hours. It specifically hinders on-the-spot print yield and requires you to wait. Make sure you have enough time if you really want to explore offset print .

5. Hinders Customization

Offset printing hinders customizations which is one of the most crucial drawbacks you should know. Changing details like name or address in every printed copy is an impossible task with offset printing. Not only will it take forever to customize the equipment and get the print, but it will put a dent in your savings too. Offset printing comes with model modification limitations, which means you cannot customize the models according to your need. It is not a cost-effective solution, and digital printing proves a better alternative for it.

6. Longer and Complicated Process

A longer and more complicated print process is the last and most critical drawback of offset print . Such print transfers prints from metal plates to rubber bands which are then transferred to the required material. You must create plates and transfer the prints early on to create the bulk quality prints. The process can take days to complete and not just hours, which can cause you loss on numerous fronts. You can contact Xerox partners in Dubai to explore fast and efficient print devices for a quick turnaround with quality results and enjoy higher profitability.

Are you looking for a better alternative to offset printing?

Offset print requires more time and higher investment with little to no returns. Contact professional print device dealers or suppliers to explore the best options on the market and pick the one ideal for your setup.

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