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Unlocking the Potential of Full Stack Python Development

The field of development has many professionals but full stack python developers are paid the most. Among full stack technologies python is a stack becoming more and more popular. But, what is full stack development and what do full stack developers do?

What is full stack web development?

In general terms, full stack developers are web developers equipped with frontend and backend development skills. They have experience in user experience (UX) design, project management, and in many cases, client communication. With increase in demand for websites the demand for full stack developers also increased.

Combining frontend, i.e. the user interface, of a website with backend, i.e. the code running behind, with database, frontend, and the internet is full stack development. The increase in demand and better paying salaries is the reason why many IT professionals start their career in web and full stack development.

Following we will dive into full stack development and go through insights from professional full stack developers.

Understanding the Role of Full Stack Developers

Starting with understanding what is the role of full stack developers is a fusion of frontend and backend development. Python full stack developers have to create softwares ranging from websites, web apps, to mobile first websites and apps.

The skills needed are a combination of coding skills, problem solving, and critical thinking. While versatility and client communication is well needed but not given proper recognition.

For aspiring new developers the first important thing is to learn the difference between frontend and backend, technologies, tools, and development strategy used for each.

Front end development

Frontend development revolves around creating eye-catching user elements of the software, usually referred to as UI. Important factors like cross-browser compatibility, visual representation, and smooth experiences are kept in mind while development. To create highly engaging user interface and engagement modules across the website, front-end developers take advantage of JavaScript and some framework to make the development structured and fast. In addition they utilize HTML and CSS.

Back end development

In contrast, backend developers are responsible for building the structure that connects users to the internet and database through the frontend with the code they write. Backend developers are responsible for developing underlying components and usability features and for creating and maintaining the database.

Back End vs. Front End Development

The main difference between these two types of roles is, frontend development deals with digital, user interface, and aesthetic part of the software. While, backend developers deal with functional coding, creating and maintaining the database, finding bugs, and taking care of speed of the website.

Why should you hire python full-stack developers?

Python programming is comparatively easy to learn. Thus, more developers tend to adopt it and there is an abundance of resources with experience and skills you need. Python web development is not just learning a few skills and programming languages. A python web developer is the one that understands functional areas and knows how to effectively execute them.

Python coding and full stack development has become a sort of super power for software developers. With evolution in technologies and tech industry python developers have to keep on updating their skills. Following are the advantages of opting python full stack developer as a career.

1. Multilateral scope for growth

Companies are on the lookout for full stack developers rather than a software specialist. This is because they want developers that can perform complete operations from development frontend + backend to database and deployment. Full stack is thus a fast paced and rapidly growing industry as it offers cost effectiveness for businesses. But the hard part for developers is that they have to keep on learning python and other skills to keep them updated with industry standards and new technologies. The approach of hiring full stack developers companies face accelerated growth.

The demand for full stack developers is not going to end or even decline anytime soon. The worst case scenario could be that you have to change a language and add a framework to your skillset. The best thing about full stack development is most of the technologies and languages remain the same. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and MongoDB remain the same, to change your stack you just have to swap Python programming with something else like Node.js.

2. Full-Stack Python coding is high paying job

One of the highest paying jobs in software engineering and computer science is full stack and python coding is one of the highest and in-demand stacks. According to few recruiting and job posting websites, the average salary of a full stack developer ranges from $50,000 to $70,000 for entry level. While, for mid level positions the salary ranges from $95,500 a year, and $116,500. Obviously, the salary depends on experience and skills developers process.

The best thing about web development and full stack development is its continuous and harmonious growth in learning, salary, and position equally.

P.S: these are yearly US based salaries developers

The reason why full stack developers are hired at such high paying salaries is, they can work with different software aspects and have diverse knowledge & skill sets. From frontend development to backend, from database to server side problems like deployment and everything in between.

3. Rapid development and deployment/delivery

For a full-stack developer the job is not limited to front-end and back-end development but they also have to perform software integration, updates, client coordination, and meeting client expectations. This helps the company lower the expenses and lower the dependency on other teams. Additionally, it speeds up the development process resulting in on time delivery.

As a Python full stack developer, it is essential to have a strong grasp of the Agile Project Management (APM) framework, Scrum, and its building blocks. In addition, effective communication with team members is mandatory to streamline development processes.

Full-stack development emphasizes versatility, requiring a developer to handle different stages of a project from initiation to development, front-end and back-end contributions, and UI/UX management based on client feedback. This responsibility translates to dependability and credit for successful project execution, making full-stack developers a one-stop solution for companies.

4. Full-Stack development is all about building versatility

A full-stack developer is a one-stop-solution of sorts for companies. The onus of handling different stages of the project right from initiating the project, basic level of development, key project contributions both on front-end and back-end, as well as managing the UI/UX as per client feedback falls on the full-stack developer. This gives them great responsibility, dependability, and credit for successful project execution.

Learning full-stack development enables mastery of a wide range of skills, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, back-end languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, database storage, HTTP, REST, NPM, and soft skills in Agile project management. With these skills, full-stack developers can provide an end-to-end solution and offer speed to market, making them valuable to tech companies.

5. With greater power comes great responsibility

Full-stack developers have more control over a product as they work on both the client-side and server-side of an application. This creative liberty and ability to see the big picture enable them to make decisions faster and increase overall productivity, empowering them to be self-reliant and move the needle on development. Some companies offer pay after placement training for aspiring full-stack developers to gain practical experience and improve their skill set.


To position oneself for a full-stack or front-end role in top tech companies, it is recommended to explore KnowledgeHut’s Full-Stack Development Bootcamp. The program offers live instructor-led sessions, hands-on practice with Cloud Labs, on-demand self-paced learning, one-on-one mentorship, capstone projects, assignments, assessments, quizzes, and more. Aspiring developers can gain practical experience and improve their skills in Python programming language and full-stack development.

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