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Process of Extending Your Mobile Battery Life

Are you worried about your mobile battery running out in the middle of the road? Does the fear of running out of mobile device battery bother you? Well, you can stop worrying about it. There are many ways now that you can use for extending your mobile device battery life. They can quickly go on a road trip without worrying about running out of mobile batteries.

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives. For every little task, we need smartphones. From looking up the map and directions to calling for emergencies- the smartphone helps us. Therefore, to ensure there is adequate battery life and for extending your mobile device battery life, one needs the proper devices.

The charger for car allows a person to charge their phone on the go. They can charge their phone while at their work. They can fully utilise waiting in queues in traffic while commuting.

Some of the best car accessories in India, like the car charger and USB port, allow car owners to connect multiple devices. They can also charge devices with various port types quite quickly.

What is the Process for Extending Your Mobile Device Battery Life?

Here are some tips for extending your mobile device battery life.

  • Avoid Car Battery Drainage

Unplug the charger when you are not using it. If the charger stays plugged in, it will drain the car battery. Avoid leaving the charger in when nothing is charging, as it may reduce the power. It may cause the charger to malfunction, leaving you in an inconvenient situation in your time of need. 

You can get chargers which have the auto turn-off feature. It turns off the phone shave full charge. It safeguards the battery and the fuel of the car. 

  • Universally Compatible

For extending your mobile device battery life, you need a charger that is compatible with multiple devices. The charger needs to be a universal USB charger. It allows all the passengers in the car to charge their devices.  

  • Does Not Degrade Cell phone Battery

You can use the charger to charge your phone until the battery is full. After that, remember to unplug your phone and the charger from your car port. It is essential as it saves the phone battery and does not drain the car’s energy and fuel.

Keeping on charging a fully charged phone can degrade the phone’s battery. To maintain the health of your phone and not overheat your car system, unplug the charger as soon as it has a full charge.

  • Turn off Your Phone for Fast Charging

If you want to fasten the process of extending your mobile device battery life, the best way to do so is to charge your phone by turning it off.  The phone takes notoriously more time to charge when it is on. So, turn off your smartphones when you charge them on the go.

If you have a smartphone that takes time to charge, turn it off while charging. Turning off the phone increases the rate of charging. That is because the power consumption rate reduces as you turn your phone. 

  • Battery Capacity

Consider whether your charger can supply enough power when extending your mobile device battery life. The desired power supply will charge your phone in a specific time window. Consider this factor while purchasing the charger. For instance, charging a 50 Ah battery with a 10-amp charger will take 6 hours.

Read the power capacity of the charger and see if it matches your device’s requirements. Only after that make the purchase the ability of the charger must match the car’s battery capacity. As the charging time is necessary, focus on how fast the charger charges your device. To find the charging time, divide the battery’s power by the ampere rating of the battery. 

  • Does it Have Simultaneous Charging?

While travelling, there will be multiple people whose phones will need charging. If the charger port has only one outlet, it can become inconvenient when charging the phones of all the passengers. Therefore, choose a charger for extending your mobile device battery life. 

With such a charger, you can charge two or more devices simultaneously. If all the devices are on low battery, charge them simultaneously, side by side. It saves time and energy and is highly convenient. 

  • LED Indicator

Chargers with an LED indicator turn the light on when the device is charging. It turns off when it is not. It can quickly alert the user when the device is charging and when the device has a full battery. It saves power and fuel. It also stops the mobile device and the car battery from overheating. 

When you search for a charger from Carorbis to extend your mobile device battery life, ensure it is compatible with your device and car.

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