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Debunking 9 Most Common Myths Surrounding Body Contouring

Nowadays, it is common for people to have their body shape the way they perceive, this may be in the stomach, neck, chin, buttocks, or thighs. Most of these problems can be solved with liposuction alone. However, in some people who have excess skin and fat, liposuction may not be the best solution, and surgical removal of these excessive areas and tightening of the skin may be required. This article will debunk all the myths that surround body contouring. And help differentiate facts from misconceptions.

Myth#1 Body Contouring leads to weight loss 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that body Contouring (نحت الجسم في الرياض) will reduce fat and cause weight loss. The ideal way to lose weight is through exercise, diet, and non-surgical methods. However, some people despite a good diet and daily exercise are unable to get a good body shape despite their efforts so in such people a body contouring surgery can prove to be beneficial. This procedure is effective in targeting pockets of fats that are hard to get rid of. The misconception that it may help lose weight in an obese person or someone who is overweight is false. Instead, the opposite of this is true as body contouring is more suited to be performed on someone who has a normal BMI and only wants to enhance their body appearance.

Myth#2 Body Contouring moves fat

The surgeons can not move fat with a non-invasive treatment. Fat cells are produced during our adolescents and these cells grow and shrink. And once we eliminate those cells they’re permanently gone, they are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system and they do not come back. Since not all these fat cells are depleted so there are still cells that are remaining. What does that mean? It means if you gain weight then you’re more likely to notice that the fat isn’t moved. 

Myth#3 Body Contouring can get rid of cellulite

Nothing will permanently get rid of cellulite just like nothing will tighten skin permanently. Aging is a natural process and it can not be stopped and cellulite is a part of it. It can come through genetics or it can be a combination of connective tissue, our fascia goes straight up and down so as we age our fat cells enlarges and they start to accumulate in those chambers and our lymphatic drainage and blood flow slow down and we lose elasticity in our skin. The aging process starts to take place in our late 20s or early 30s and it speeds up. Through body contouring, there can be improvements in the appearance of cellulite and then patients can come back and do maintenance treatments as needed or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Myth#4 Men respond better than women do

This may not necessarily be true but what is true is that we are genetically made differently. Women have a 10% higher amount of fat than men do. So it’s not that they respond better, just that they have a little head start!

Myth#5 Body Contouring is painful

Nowadays there are also non-invasive body contouring treatments that cause a negligible amount of pain. An example of this is the modern technology known as CoolSculpting. It may cause some discomfort to the patient but there is no pain regardless. It requires no downtime or use of anesthesia.

Myth#6 Body Contouring shows temporary outcomes

The results of body contouring depend on the individual and their lifestyle. As mentioned earlier , once the fat cells are eliminated they can’t come back. A healthy diet and regular exercise should be accommodated as part of the patient’s daily life to maximize results and help the procedure last longer.

Myth#7 Body Contouring involves risks

Untrue! Body contouring is non-invasive and has absolutely no risks involved during the treatment. It shapes your body using cold, lasers, or heat. You will undergo proper consultancy and examination before receiving the treatment. So this eliminates the possibility of any risks.

Myth#8 Body Contouring is not affordable

Among the many different types of contouring surgery to choose from, each has its own cost. Body Contouring is non-surgical and the cost depends on the extent of the affected area that is being treated. A larger area will cost more as compared to a smaller one. The number of treatments required and the desired results also affect the cost of the treatment. It is an economical treatment as it is less taxing than other treatment options.

Myth#9 Longer recovery time

This is once again a myth, while other treatment options take a longer time to recover. Body contouring has no downtime. This is a non-surgical option so no incisions are being made anywhere in the body hence no recovery time is needed by the patient. The patient can continue their daily routine without any interference or discomfort.

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