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7 Iconic Omega Speedmaster Watches That Make An Impact

In the crowd of famous wrist watches, the Omega Speedmaster is standalone for its impeccable qualities. Handpicked by NASA almost 50 years ago to become the official chronograph to land on the Moon, this watch surpassed every test and time with flying colours.

It is not just famous and prestigious but also instantly recognisable. The Speedmaster is available in various shapes and sizes, making Omega’s Speedmaster collection one of the most diverse catalogues. While the Speedmaster spoils you with choices and flavours, its investment value treats you unlike any other. You can sell your luxury watch at an impressive rate regardless of the specific Speedmaster model. Did it just pique your interest more than ever?

Well, it’s no secret that the Omega Speedmaster lineup can indeed fetch you overwhelming returns, especially if you know which models to buy. So, with that in mind, here is our quick pick of the famous timepiece that symbolises the brand’s remarkable craftsmanship and makes an impact wherever you go.

7 Iconic Omega Speed master Watches For Every Collection


Starting with the flagship model itself, the Omega Moonwatch Professional is perhaps the most classic and traditional variant of the Speedmaster. As you can understand, the name ‘Moonwatch’ derives its influence from the significant history of its journey to the Moon in 1969.

As the new Moonwatch Professional models are direct descendants of the space-going model, they exhibit similar features like:

  • Case size of 42mm
  • Dial with three counters
  • Tachymetric bezel
  • Manual-winding movement

However, what you can find new is the Moonwatch in various other metals, including white gold, yellow gold, and red gold.


Taking a fresh take on the Omega Moonwatch, the Mark II Speedmaster made its debut in 1969 and instantly grabbed the attention for its classic design. The watch took a fresh dig into the classic watch architecture with its striking angular case, tachymeter bezel on the crystal’s underside and integrated bracelet.

Even though the Mark II was a visual treat, Omega brought it down the shelf in 1972 and reintroduced it in 2014. The contemporary Mark II retains some of the specialities of the original 1969 model but flaunts its own set of updates.
The list of updates includes:

  • Date window
  • Case size of 42.4 x 46.2mm
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Run by an automatic movement.


Omega pays tribute to motorsports with the Racing collection. To your surprise, much before Omega became famous for its association with NASA, the Moon landing and other space exploration, it was a chronograph built for the racing crowd.

Moreover, the watch’s features well demonstrate its association with the automobile sector, like:

  • Bright colours
  • Case size of 44.25mm
  • Checkered & Alternating minute track
  • Leather Strap

You can get them in two-tone or steel and gold variants as well. All these attributes make the Omega Racing collection that debuted in 2017 a Racing favourite.


The brand launched the Speedmaster in 1957 with the Calibre 321 hand-wound movement running with column wheel machinery. This movement is a cult favourite thanks to its amazing mechanical ability and looks.

However, in 2019 Omega replaced the whole Calibre 321 with Calibre 861 and released an entire Speedmaster collection on this movement! You can avail of this new famed movement in a 42mm platinum watch, white gold or 39.7mm stainless steel iteration.

It seems Omega will only continue adding spectacular models under this collection.


What is the first thought that darts your mind when you hear ‘Dark side of the moon? If not more, the watch exorbitantly portrays similar textures. One of the most defining characteristics of this mystical collection in 2013 is the ‘Ceramic’ case.

The first model under this collection came out with an All-Black hue. However, today Omega has included other coloured ceramic options too. For instance, you can find the Speedmaster Grey Side and White Side of the Moon. And also the Blue side of the Moon!

Additionally, you can find the famous Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon. This edition has yellow accents that pay homage to the Apollo 8 crew (the first humans to see the Moon’s darker side).

6. SPEEDMASTER X-33 & Z-33

The X-33/Z-33 Omega watches are powered by a quartz movement and offer the best functionality and preciseness in the Speedmaster collection. They have features like titanium cases, multi-function movements, and thermal compensation, making them perfect for pilots.

The Spacemaster Z-33 has an instantly recognisable design. The dial has a black LCD screen with red elements illuminated by the LED backlight. It adapts automatically to the surrounding luminosity.

The X-33 is mainly built for space explorers and flaunts some stellar functionality. The black dial with white hour markers and indexes allows the wearer to read the time of up to three different time zones. Additionally, one can also track the elapsed time.


The Omega Speedmaster ‘Anniversary’ Series hosts everything you can expect from a milestone collection. The watches celebrate Omega’s achievements related to space exploration. For instance, Omega pays tribute to the award NASA gave them in 1970 with the ‘Silver Snoopy’ Award. This is their 50th Anniversary model.

Then there are other 50th Anniversary models like the Speedmaster ‘First Omega in Space’ also known as ‘FOIS’. You can expect several significant special edition watches within the Speedmaster Anniversary Series.


As you can see, the Omega Speedmaster Collection has something for everyone. The catalogue has plenty of options for the onlookers who can avail of a once-in-a-lifetime timepiece. Whether the Professional Moonwatch, the Racing, or the Anniversary catalogue, the watches stand out for their history, making them iconic in the watch realm. Not to mention the impressive investment value you fetch when you sell luxury watches!

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