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10 Tips To Help You In Writing A First Class Dissertation

Do you want your dissertation to be exceptional from your batchmates? Writing a first class dissertation is the dream of every doctoral student. An outstanding dissertation will not only help you to achieve the status of instructor but will also facilitate you in securing a good workplace and flourishing your career in a scientific community.

Surprisingly, most universities do not inform the criteria for first class dissertations, due to which many doctoral students are failed to realise their dreams. However, you need not worry at all. This article is the ultimate guideline for writing an A+ grade dissertation.

As we all know, a dissertation is a lengthy academic document that collects research papers and resolves the dilemma related to the topic. The dissertation reflects your research expertise, the field of specialisation, and critical and analytical skills. So, make sure you are enthusiastic about writing your dissertation. Let’s delve into the details of writing an effective dissertation.

Tips For Writing A First Class Dissertation:

What do you think about the demands of a first class dissertation? Should it be unique or special? The following tips reveal the secrets of writing an extraordinary dissertation.

Well-Structured And Organised Dissertation:

Every research student is familiar with the dissertation’s structure. But what if you still make it baseless and unstructured? The structure of the dissertation includes the inclusion of mandatory chapters to discuss in the thesis. On the other hand, shaping your thesis is also important because that involves clear use of subheadings, margins, spacing lines, and appropriate font style and size. A structured and well-organised dissertation will make a good impression on the externals.

Communicate A Deep Understanding Of The Topic:

A dissertation is like a book. A good book will address all the aspects of the title and cover salient features related to the characters. The same goes for the dissertation. Impress your externals by showing a grip on the knowledge and convince them you are ready to be called a philosopher in the field. So how will you communicate in the dissertation? Discuss mysteries and problems associated with the topic. State logical questions. Discuss critiques of scholars and give unbiased opinions.

Written With Clear Goals And Objectives:

A dissertation based on ambiguous goals is not categorised as the first class dissertation. The best thing about research is that you are conducting a whole series of experiments to test a mere hypothesis. So, your research must have aims and objectives for elaborating how and why you are researching the field. Write these aims precisely and to the point. So the reader immediately knows the purpose of the research.

Graphical Representation Of Data:

A dissertation is long-winded writing, so do not make it boring. Make it more visually attractive by adding flowcharts, tables, and figures. Graphical representation of your data will make the reader easily grasp the results. It will help them to interpret the findings.

The Originality Of The Content:

Regardless of working on your own project, you need to review the data and papers of other scholars. Students unknowingly copy-paste the material of another researcher, which is infringement. Copying ideas and sentences of other scientists is targeted to be plagiarism. So, inculcate rephrasing skills to maintain the originality of your dissertation. Elaborate on the fieldwork and experimentation parameters and originally demonstrate primary and secondary research data.

Coherent And Fluent Writing Style:

A dissertation focuses more on the reading and writing skills of an individual. The more avid reader you are, the better you can write and brainstorm ideas. A first class dissertation follows a clear and cohesive writing style. Your arguments and ideas should be coherent; a better way to describe them is that they should have a connection in them. Moreover, a fluent and incisive writing style demonstrates your dissertation is written by an expert and has no errors.

Approach Writing Services:

Do you have poor English language skills? A major disadvantage to doctoral students is that they possess poor writing skills. Do not let this incompetency block your way. You can approach several organisations and agencies to take dissertation help online, including The Academic Paper UK and Affordable Dissertation UK. They are teams of expert and professional writers that deliver their tasks on time. Undoubtedly, these services will make your dissertation top-class, but it is better to buy it online before the deadline, so you have plenty of time for revisions.

Go For Feedback:

Not everyone can write a flawless dissertation for the first time. Deep into the dissertation, some loopholes and shortcomings may exist that are only highlighted if you look from a professional eye. Ask for feedback on your dissertation and discuss with your supervisors how you can make it perfect. A dissertation revised multiple times is better than a more focused and concentrated dissertation.

A Comprehensive And Structured List Of Bibliography:

Not a single academic document exists without any reference. The addition of references in the dissertation displays the authenticity of the data. The first bibliography checklist is to stick with the same style throughout the document. It is better to follow the style that your supervisors ask. The second important thing is to organise your list of references with the same size, font style, and margins. Last but not least is to manually check the references and note the placement of authors, titles, journal names, year, volume, and issue number in a reference.

Prepare Your Dissertation For Publication:

Do you think a first class dissertation should be published? Publication of a thesis is a dream of every researcher. But not everyone can achieve it. Write your dissertation with the intent of publishing it in a good journal. Write precisely and add relevant information. Present your results with images and charts for clear understanding. Furthermore, it should demonstrate that the student can undertake projects and carry them out independently and professionally. So, be ready to embark on the journey of the research world with an extraordinary thesis in your hand.


Writing a dissertation can be easy if you are persistent enough to finish your doctoral studies. The above tips will help you accomplish your first class dissertation with an A+ grade. So, what are you waiting for? Implement these tips and secure your top place in the university.

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