Mosquito Repellent Perennials
Mosquito Repellent Perennials

The small mosquitoes hustling around are not merely annoying but give itchy skin, red spots, and sometimes cause malaria or dengue. Therefore, mosquitoes cannot be allowed in our homes under any circumstances. If there are children in your house, then you need to take the utmost care. Various precautionary steps can be applied to chase away mosquitoes like using mosquito coils, mosquito net use while sleeping or using mosquito repellent creams.

There exists an unending list of benefits that people can receive from perennials. Some species of perennials produce beautiful blooms; some produce delightful fruits, some provide herbs and spices, some offer vegetables, and then there are some that ward off mosquitoes. Indeed, it is a fact that no one can deny. The people who have been fussing about mosquito coils’ headache-causing odor can replace it with some perennials.

With that said, let us go through some of the most unusual mosquito repellent perennials in the world.

  1. Garlic Plant – Some people are unable to eat raw garlic since it produces an acute and intense odor. But if people start doing this, mosquitoes will not whir around them since their breath will also hold that redolence of garlic that deters these creatures. The older people say that crushing some garlic and applying its juice on our skin is an organic and the best mosquito repellent. But admittedly, you cannot do the same thing now as everyone around would retreat from you. Instead, take the garlic perennials home and stay guarded against ants, aphids, and mosquitoes.
  2. Basil Plant – Our ancestors were quite intelligent. If you recollect, there used to be the Basil perennial presence at the heart of the patio or right at our homes’ entrance in the olden days. These perennials are still worshiped as they are deemed to be sacred. From treating cold and cough to providing an exceptional digestive mechanism – there are innumerable benefits of the Basil plant. Research has also established that the redolence arising from the leaves of this perennial is best for eradicating mosquitoes. It also possesses the ability to eliminate mosquitoes’ larvae if you place this perennial near calm water. Place this perennial in well-drained soil and bright side of your house and stay shielded from mosquitoes. You can also send this fantastic perennial to your beloved family and friends with free flower delivery in Kolkata.
  3. Marigold Plant – The acutely redolent blooms of this plant don’t let mosquitoes stay for a prolonged period. If you desire to keep mosquitoes away from you, place this perennial directly into the soil or in a container outside your window. You can also choose to place these magnificent perennials at the doorway of your house. These perennials carry pyrethrum- a compound employed in various repellents and sometimes credited as “organic pesticide.” In India, these blossoms thrive all around the year. Apart from mosquitoes, these flowers also assist in keeping other insects and bugs away like whiteflies, squash bugs, aphids, thrips, etc. It is usually recommended to establish a marigold perennial beside your tomato plant to drive the bugs away. Provide ample sunlight and well-drained soil and observe how beneficial these perennials are to you. An excellent alternative if you wish to send flowers to Kolkata.
  4. Lavender Plant – These blooms produce an appeasing redolence. Due to this, these perennials are utilized in aromatherapy and spa treatments. Apart from granting rest to your mind and body, this pleasant smelling perennial also repels mosquitoes. Do study which variety of lavender will flourish in your climatic precinct and bring them home to keep mosquitoes, bugs, and insects away.
  5. Sage Plant – The name itself carries a spiritual connection. That’s right – this perennial is prevailing in religious cleansing in various civilizations throughout the world. In some traditions, the perennial’s leaves are customarily burnt and are outstanding in keeping mosquitoes away. You can cast some leaves of the sage plant in the fireplace and experience the gratifying redolence in your house, fending off mosquitoes. If you don’t own a fireplace, put some leaves of this plant and dry branches in a vessel, burn them, and set them in the corner of your living room — a fabulous alternative for sending to your cherished ones with online flower delivery in Chennai.