A new member in the family, is it not amazing?

A baby is known to bring the best out in the people and this makes everything perfect, you need to find the perfect gift for the baby but if you are not here with the parents to see the baby you could always send flowers to Bangalore. This is another way to congratulate the mother and father on welcoming the new member in the family.

The babies are just beautiful and soon when you see them posting the baby’s pictures on the social media you are going to say “aww” now this is the time when you just want to rush to the hospital and shower love and gifts on the baby but you don’t want to go to empty-handed either and no one wants to, after all, they are meeting them for the very first time so something should be there as well.

That is where the traditions come in, there are modern gifts as well but no one talks about the traditions anymore and this is where you could gift them something different and traditional, & you can order flower delivery in delhi at your doorstep. so let us go on a world tour and see what are the traditions of other countries:


The silver is gifted to the baby, it can be the silver bracelets or the silver anklets as silver is considered very lucky for the baby and with the silver being there it is believed that the baby will grow healthy and strong and it is also said to bring hope.


The land of the famous pyramids, where the newborns are gifted a palm with the blue eye which is said to protect them from the evil and the evil eye as well. the palm with the blue eye is seen to be attached with the clothing as well as they believe that in this way they will always get protection from the evil eye.


Their gifts also resemble the modern gifts that we buy the gifts include the rattlers, jewellery, picture frames and many more things that are there. They also go for the keepsake boxes after all a baby’s things can be kept in them.


In Australia, the things are a bit different as they believe in giving the children’s storybooks which tell the stories about animals and human relationships that are there. This is a really good way of inculcating values in children although they may not understand at that time but they soon will and these values will surely be helpful in the future.


They are known to gift the pachira plants to the newborns which are believed to bring good fortune and luck to the newborns other than that their way of gifting is also similar to the one of the united kingdom as they also include the flowers which can always be bought from the best florists in Bangalore and the Pachira plants are also called as money trees.


In China, the babies receive the money in the red envelope with “luck” or “good fortune” written on it but sometimes it can also be the plain red envelope, this is believed that the baby will have a good future and will attract wealth in future as well.


In Russia it is believed that the gift of the silver spoon is bound to bring good luck and wealth to the newborn, so the silver spoon is considered a very lucky gift according to the Chinese and you can always go for it if you feel generous. You don’t have to spend money and give unrealistic gifts, just give what you can. It will always be appreciated.


The red shoes or the red knitted shoes are preferred as the first gift as they are considered to be good luck and are known to protect them from the “evil eye” as well. It is also considered that these are the shoes that the baby should wear when he leaves the hospital.


In Bali it is believed that the babies are divine beings and they surely are, so the Balinese people do not let the babies feet touch the floor under any circumstance till the period of 201 days after that period when the babies feet touch the floor they believe that the baby is no more a divine being but a human now. It is one interesting tradition!

There are many more traditions in the world which are yet to be explored and cannot be summed up in this small blog but to welcome the parents after their first child is born you can always show appreciation by getting them a bouquet from bloomsvilla as they have an amazing collection. All you have to do is order and opt for midnight or same-day delivery and the bouquet will be delivered to you on time. Just order now!