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What Is Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance & Why Invest In It?

Talking about the Bajaj Allianz health insurance policy, the company, under its brand identity “caringly yours,” has redefined itself to serve its Indian customers beyond financial aspects. Understanding the value of their prized possessions, including family, and loved ones, the Bajaj group, has curated healthcare policies, which are there to protect and cover you in times of need.

Intending to serve their customers only the best, the company offers a range of policies from which the customers are free to choose as per their needs. The expert advisors are always there to guide and throw light on different aspects of different policies. 

After the covid-19 crisis, everyone believes insurance is vital. The pre-developed notion that we need not have health insurance is broken. It is high time to understand what is health insurance and why we should need it. Also, insurance premiums increase as we age. That’s why getting insurance early is beneficial.

In the following article, we will discuss the benefits of getting health insurance from the Bajaj Allianz group and how it differs from the rest. 

Advantages of Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan

Medical expenses do not come with a warning or a pre-notice. Thus, having insurance at such times can be very helpful. When discussing the Bajaj Allianz health insurance plan, the following are the reasons to choose it above everyone else.

  • Multiple sum insured facility

Offer the flexibility of choosing between 3 plan variants with an option of sum insurance ranging from 1.5 lakhs to 1 crore. 

  • On-the-spot family cover

This option allows you to cover your family members, including your spouse and children, within one policy.

  • Cover for daycare procedure

A list of daycare procedures pre-included in the health insurance policy allows coverage of medical procedures or even surgeries. 

  • Expenses for organ donor

In case of organ replacement, Bajaj Allianz health insurance policy covers for you the expenses made for the donor and the related treatments and medical procedures for the same. 

  • Maternity cover

The policy covers the expenses related to maternity and the treatment of the newborn. It is advisable to refer to the terms and conditions thoroughly. 

Additional benefits

  • Wellness benefit

In case of no help from the Bajaj Allianz health insurance policy, you shall get a 12.5% discount from the company at the time of policy renewal. 

  • Easy renewal

The policy can be renewed yearly as it comes with a lifetime renewal option.

  • Long-term policy available

You can also have a policy for 1, 2, or 3 years. 

Enjoy the benefits of having a health insurance policy from the Bajaj Allianz group. The policies at Bajaj Allianz are designed keeping in mind customer convenience and with the utmost care given to their needs and how such a policy can be helpful in their time of need. Bajaj Allianz stands with its customers in full support in their time of need and has policies designed similarly. 

After acknowledging the benefits of Bajaj Allianz health insurance, read ahead to know why you should invest in a health insurance plan.

Investing in a health insurance plan has the following advantages:

  • Your future is secured

Going for health insurance early is beneficial as premiums increase as we age. Thus, you can get a cost-effective premium rate when purchased sooner.

  • Relief from medical inflation

With the advancement of medical technologies and related things, the bills for medical checkups have risen abundantly. It accounts for everything, including doctors’ fees, blood tests, diagnosis, special tests, hospitalisation, etc. Thus, having a medical insurance plan can be a great relief in times of unfortunate sickness. 

  • Your savings remain unharmed    

Illness never comes with early notice. It knocks on the door in the most unexpected of times, and thus, having health insurance on hand in such a situation can refrain you from draining out financially and also helps you to keep your savings intact. 


The lifestyle that we currently live cannot give us even the slightest prediction of our future well-being. The entire world has just gone through the covid-19 crisis, which has been an eye-opener and an example of how unpredictable life is and how important it is to take good care of one’s health. The food we eat, the air we breathe, and our environment are all contaminated. Therefore, our health is at a constant risk of becoming weak, and our immune system is prone to damage and sometimes even incapable of fighting unknown or new diseases. 

Also, another fact that has come to everyone’s enlightenment is that unfortunate incidents are out of our control. However, what’s in our hands is to be at least responsible for our personal as well as family well-being when it comes to financial security and to rely on something which can prove a boon in the time of diversity. Good family health insurance can be one such thing. 

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