10 Ways To Turn Your Entryway into a Small Sitting Area

Entryway area
Entryway area

Your home’s entryway is a space that often goes unused and overlooked. Though it’s not a huge space, it’s still a very important first impression of your house. The mirror of your home shows what kind of person you are. An unorganized and cluttered entryway can make guests feel unwelcome, while a well-decorated one can give them a warm and inviting feeling. But this time, do something creative with your entryway and turn it into a small sitting area.

Ways to turn your entryway into a small sitting area:

Consider the Size of the Area

The entryway is often narrow and small, so you first need to consider the size of your entryway. You might want to rethink turning it into a sitting area if it’s too small. But if it’s just right, start planning how you want to decorate it. Once you determine the size, bring furniture, area rugs, and other decorations into the space to make it more inviting. Make sure to choose the right furniture. Don’t overcrowd the space; choose smaller pieces like a loveseat or armchair. A few small tables and a floor lamp can also help to make the space more inviting.

Choose the Right Colors

The colors you choose for your entryway sitting area should create a welcoming and warm feeling. You may paint the walls a neutral color, like white, cream, or light gray. Then, add pops of color to your furniture, decorations, and area rug. As it’s the entrance, don’t burden it with too bright or harsh colors as it can overwhelm guests. The mix of neutrals and bold colors will give the space the right amount of personality. You may also add some greenery to the space with a few potted plants.

Create a Focal Point

Every place needs a focal point, and your entryway sitting area is no different. The focal point is usually the first thing you see when you enter the room, so choose something that will grab your attention. A fireplace, large mirror, or piece of artwork are all great options. The focal point should be the starting point for your design, and everything else in the space should work around it. You may also bring a console table with a few decorative items as the focal point.

Choose the Right Furniture

The next stage is to choose the right furniture for your space. You’ll want to pick pieces that are both functional and stylish. An upholstered chair or bench is a great option, as it can provide both seating and storage. A stool or ottoman might be better if you have a smaller entryway. You may layer the floor with runner-style oriental rugs for a magical appeal.

If your entryway is small, you’ll want to ensure you add plenty of storage. A coat rack or hooks are a great way to keep things organized. You might also consider adding a small cabinet or shelving unit to store items like umbrellas, hats, and gloves.

Lighting is Important

In any sitting area, lighting is important. You want to ensure the space is well-lit, inviting, and comfortable. Adding a few floor or table lamps can achieve this in an entryway. You can also add sconces to the walls for additional light. A small shade lamp on the console table can also create a warm and inviting space. Or you can go bold and add a chandelier to make a grand statement.

In addition, smart lights are a great option for an entryway. You can control them through Alexa and have them turn on when you arrive home. It is a great way to ensure the space is well-lit when you need it.

Rugs are a Must

In any sitting area, rugs are a must. They add comfort and style to the space. You can opt for a simple rug that is easy to clean. Or you can choose a more luxurious option, like an Oriental rug. If you have tiled or hardwood floors, a rug will also help protect them from wear and tear.

Most entryways are narrow, so runners or kilims are a great option. These Turkish rugs are available in a variety of colors and designs. They are also relatively inexpensive so that you can change them as often. 

Add Some Personal Touches

Your entryway is a great place to add some personal touches. It may include hanging family photos, adding a vase of fresh flowers, or placing a basket filled with throws and pillows. These touches will make the space feel warm and inviting.

Adding framed artwork is another way to personalize the space. Choose artwork and paintings that reflect your style and taste. You may even consider hanging a mirror in the entryway. Mirrors also make the space appear larger.

A Few Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are a classic seating addition to your entryway. They can be used for putting on shoes or simply as a place to sit and relax. Choose chairs that are comfortable and stylish. Consider adding a small table between the chairs. It will provide a place to put a lamp or set down keys and other items. Victorian-style chairs are a great option for adding a touch of elegance to the space. And to add extra flair, use floral upholstery or throw pillows. They will add color and pattern and make your entryway look inviting.

Bring a Rocking Chair

Why does a sitting room have to be boring? Add a bit of fun and whimsy with a rocking chair. It will provide a place to relax and be used as a place to put on shoes. Choose a rocking chair with spindles and an upholstered seat for a more traditional look. Or, try a rocking chair with a metal frame and leather seat for something more modern. A bistro-style chair would also be a great option for an entryway sitting area.

Likewise, Ottomans and poufs are a great way to add extra seating to your entryway. They can be used as a place to put on shoes or as extra seating when you have guests over.

Pay Attention to the Walls

Walls are not just for hanging pictures and coats. They can also be used to add extra storage to your entryway. Add a shelf above the coat rack to store hats, gloves, and scarves. Or, add some hooks to the wall for hanging jackets and bags. Adding a mirror to the wall is also an awesome idea.

A vintage-style wallpaper can also help to give your entryway some character. The right wallpaper can make the space feel more inviting and help to set the tone for the rest of your home.

Summing Up!

So, to add a little extra seating area to your home but don’t have space, consider turning your entryway into a small sitting area. With just a few simple additions, like a rug and some furniture, you can create a cozy spot where you can relax after a long day or entertain guests. And if you need any help choosing the perfect rug for your new sitting area, RugKnots has plenty of options to choose from. Thanks for reading!