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Tie The Knot In Style: Innovative and Inspiring Wedding Ideas

Weddings are an important tradition in any culture. In India, a wedding is celebrated with huge gusto and joy. The entire family participates along with relatives, and friends, with loud music, cocktail parties, good food, and amazing events. The best destination for weddings in India is considered to be Delhi and NCR region. You must be wondering why? Well, the first thing is there are amazing banquet halls in Kirti Nagar, for the celebration of a grand wedding. 

Other reasons why Gurgaon and Delhi should be the option for weddings are:

    • The location is very good as it’s not far from the hills and beautiful spots. The place is well connect by metro, railway, airport, etc. 
    • The capital of the country has many beautiful spots for pre-wedding shoots and photography. 
    • Photographs come in the natural background in many places like old palaces, Hauz khas, parks, etc. 
    • You get good banquet halls at an affordable price. You can book those banquet halls to make your dream wedding come true. 
    • You also get all the materials need for your wedding, like shopping for a good bridal outfit at an amazing price. The other makeovers and decoration things for the wedding are available in every nook and corner in the markets of Delhi. 
    • You can also go for destination weddings in Delhi, at amazing palace banquets for the royal wedding.

poses for photo shoot for couples

Nowadays people at weddings opt for amazing photography and unique poses that you can also try for your wedding album. Here are certain poses that you must try. 

  • Candid photography- Well this is something which has come in the recent trend. You are captured when you are not looking at the camera as you are not conscious about the camera as you are living your best moments along with your partner. Hence you can get click at your candid moment. You can ask your professional photographer to click for you while you and your partner are busy talking or exchanging loving gestures. This kind of photo can be capture under the sunset, in a garden. Open-air space is perfect for capturing candid moments. Object photography
  • Veil photography- Indian lehenga and without veil photography is a mandatory piece of photography. The bride shows off her beautiful veil and poses elegantly. 
  • Putting on your wedding jewellery- This is another favourite pose for the bride who loves to get click when she is putting on her earrings or necklace before she gets ready for her entrance to the wedding hall. In this type of pose the engagement ring, the bangles, the necklace, everything is shot along with the hairstyle. This is a creative piece of the shoot. 
  • The spin- This is one of the most romantic photoshoots. Over here the partners are capture in a memorable light. The spinning shot gives a dreamy fairy tale experience filled with fun and experience. 
  • The forehead kiss- One of the most beautiful pictures for a wedding shoot is the forehead kiss. It is romantic and captures the romantic shot. It is also very sweet and sentimental. 
  • The first look-  This is one of the cutest photo shoots for couples. Couples should forget that the camera exists and lives in the moment. The couple should enjoy the emotion in their best sense. 

Other Poses

  • Closed-eye kissing- you should pose for closed-eye kissing as open-eye kissing is unnatural and it often makes the couples feel nervous. Also, you should kiss naturally. 
  • Avoid too much kissing – For a photo shoot it’s advisable you avoid too many kissing sessions as kisses should be natural and not a make-out session for a photo shoot. There should be clean kisses also take note of the nose. 
  • Slow walking picture- For a great shoot, you should walk slowly. When you walk slowly you look graceful and all your wedding outfit is perfectly capture. 
  • Have a natural smile- Smiling naturally for a wedding photo shoot is the perfect thing. If you practice smiling too much it makes you conscious while your picture is being click, therefore you should keep it natural. 

Conclusion: You can pose for your wedding according to your choices as well, just tell your photographer about your favourite pose and preferences in which you would like to get clicked. You along with your partner should be vocal to your photographer about the thing you like. There are poses that you might not like which might show your belly or some other portion that you are not comfortable with while getting click.

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