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Self-Employed As A Blogger: Make Hobby As Profession

Who doesn’t dream of making money with their hobby? Many successful bloggers have already proved that you can do this with your own blog. And with a wide variety of topics like fashion, travel, food, entertainment, technology news or a pet blogger. If you also run a blog and are wondering whether you could make money with it, we want to tell you in this article how you can do it. What are the requirements? How exactly do I generate revenue? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging? We’ll answer all of these questions for you.

Can you become self-employed as a blogger?

Yes, you can start your own business as a blogger. With a blog that you can compare as a public and electronic diary, many people start to report on their thoughts and experiences in a certain area. They want to exchange ideas or just share their knowledge with many people.

There are no limits to the topics on the blogs and the photos are usually well presented with photos and videos, so that the readers get the topics better conveyed through visual contributions. In comments on each blog post, the author can exchange ideas with his readers or his community or answer questions.

On the respective platform of the blog, the blogger can see how many people have read his texts and clicked through the posts. The bloggers who make money with their posts have a large reach of readers and thereby also attract lucrative cooperation partners. But how exactly do you earn money with it and what are the requirements?

Prerequisites for self-employment as a blogger

In order to really get started as a blogger and finance your living with it, you have to meet a few requirements. Above all, you have to make the jump from hobby to work that you succeed with the following criteria.

Find your niche

First of all, you have to find a niche for yourself due to the now great competition and numerous blogs. There are blogs on topics like fashion or lifestyle like sand by the sea. Therefore, you should differentiate yourself from others as far as possible and choose a topic that makes you and your blog special. So don’t position yourself too broadly, but stay in your niche. 

Know your target group and align your topics with them. In order to always create new incentives for your readers, you always have to be up to date. So try to write and publish new blog articles at regular intervals. Try to pay attention to current trends and integrate them into your content.

Become an expert on your blog

In addition, you can only be successful with your blog if you generate a high reach. Therefore, you have to be prepared that your blog will not become super successful and well-known overnight. You build your readership slowly and steadily – and above all with good and convincing content. Therefore, you should also act as an expert in this area and acquire thematic specialist knowledge. Accordingly, you have to prepare your posts appropriately and supplement them with pictures or videos. Also try to inspire your readers with a relaxed writing style and inspire them with an attractive design for your blog. Your blog will be successful if you can record at least four-digit visitor numbers per day. Because only from this number can one speak of significant income.

Build a large network

As an independent blogger, it is important to build up a large network. If you have a steadily growing network and therefore valuable contacts, you can increase your reach. Use this also to cooperate with other bloggers whose blogs fit your topic. With their reach, you can expand your readership and become known to a larger community. 

In this context, all social media channels are also important because it is even easier to network via social networks. Include your topics on Instagram, Facebook and Co., just where it makes sense for you and your topics. Not every follower will necessarily find you through your blog, but maybe also through other influencers, Hashtags or social media contacts.

This is how you earn money as a blogger

If you want to make money with blogging, you have to have a lot of traffic on your blog. This means that many people know your blog and should visit it regularly. The more traffic you get, the higher your findability on the Internet. In general, however, there are four basic ways that you can earn money with your blog and thus generate regular income.

Ads on your blog

You can add advertisements to your blog and between your posts. With this pay-per-click advertisement, you get money every time your readers click on the advertisement. However, you should be cautious when it comes to monetizing your blog. Because on the one hand the advertising should match the content of your blog and on the other hand your blog should not be overloaded with advertising. 

The consequence of too many advertisements can result in the loss of some readers. If they feel stuck with advertising or disturbed in the reading flow, they jump off quickly or see that your blog is mainly about making money. So always make sure that the content is always in the foreground.

Affiliate links in your articles

Another option is affiliate links, which you use in your texts to link to the website of other people or companies. So when you write about third-party products or services in your post, you can put a link in the right place. Clicking this link takes the reader directly to the other website and can then purchase the product you have described. If a purchase is actually made, you earn a commission.

Cooperation with brands

One of the most classic ways to make money as a blogger is through paid blog posts. In this case, you enter into a cooperation with a brand or a company and promote its products. The amount of payment for sponsored contributions varies and depends on the one hand on your negotiation skills and on the other hand on your reach. But also here it must be clear that the product fits your blog, otherwise you can easily lose your readership here.

Premium posts for your readers

With this variant, you only offer exclusive content to those who also pay for these contributions. You can choose whether you want to pay monthly fees or a one-off payment for certain content. In this way you can make your articles appear more valuable, but you also have to offer the reader the promised added value.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-employment as a blogger

So that you get a comprehensive insight into self-employment as a blogger, we want to show you all the advantages and disadvantages.

One of the biggest advantages is definitely the fact that you can work as a blogger from anywhere. Your work equipment fits in every suitcase, so you are very independent, free and spontaneous. In addition, you can largely decide how you divide up your working hours.

No day has to be like the previous one, which means you can react flexibly to everything. Above all, you deal with a topic that interests you 100% because you have chosen it yourself and in this area builds up more and more expertise and technical knowledge in this area. Especially at the beginning, it is very easy to start with a blog, which means that the entry barriers are very low. Rather, your hobby will eventually become a profession.

A big disadvantage of blogging is the time it takes until you have reached a certain range. So it is important to show patience and stay tuned. At this point, the importance is shown once again that you are really dealing with a topic that does not already exist in a thousand fold. So stay true to your concept and make it unique.

Conclusion: Do it yourself as a blogger

In order to become self-employed as a blogger, there are a few requirements. So that you and your blog get attention faster, educate yourself especially in the area of ​​marketing and search engine optimization further. With a few small tricks and a basic understanding of it, you can make sure that your blog is found faster and ready for international SEO

Seize every opportunity for your blog to grow and grow. It is particularly advisable at this point that you only run the blog part-time and at your own discretion. If you are not passionate about your topic, readers will notice. So write about something that inspires you and that you can imagine to deal with this subject full-time. As soon as your blog has more reach and you generate the first worthwhile income, you can slowly take the plunge into self-employment.

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