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Power Of Experiential Learning With Metaverse Classrooms

Experiential Learning is learning by doing, or to an extent hands-on learning and reflecting on actions and outcomes. The learning graph is better when students experience hands-on learning and reflection and are able to better connect the dots between classroom theories and real-world applications of that knowledge. 

The metaverse for education is offering experiential and immersive learning that is transforming how we learn and teach. Once students and teachers understand how to enter the metaverse, they will find it extremely empowering. The educational metaverse offers metaverse classrooms are immersive 3D virtual environments that offer physical connection along with multisensory immersion. 

Benefits of Experiential Learning 

Hands-on and responsive learning allows students to not only gain an academic understanding of the subject matter but also develop life skills. Students stand to benefit by gaining 

  • Better conceptual understanding of educational material
  • A keen understanding of the world we inhabit
  • The engaging educational model leads to intrinsic self-motivation to experience more
  • An awareness of their own abilities, interests, and ideals
  • Skill mastery leads to enhanced self-confidence and leadership skills

What can you learn in the Metaverse Classrooms? 

The metaverse classrooms are feature rich and innovative and can offer teaching methods that transcend what a physical classroom can. They can be accessed by students from anywhere and hence allow learning continuity. 

For example, let’s look at how students learn about the human body–

In the conventional method, students will learn from a textbook where the chapters are in sequence and read about one organ and then proceed to the next, or they might look at diagrams and illustrations or watch an animated video.

Now consider the second option- once students are aware of how to enter the metaverse, they can access a metaverse classroom as their avatar. Now they can enter the virtual human body and even the different organs. There is no fixed schedule to follow- one student can visit the heart while another might want to first study the kidneys. The lesson becomes more interesting as students are empowered to explore and discover as per their interests. 

Teachers can create various learning environments and become a mentor rather than an instructor. Moreover, in the virtual classroom, teachers can control student interaction through permission and ensure that discipline and decorum are maintain. Students too need not worry about being judge on physical attributes or face bullying as they enter the metaverse as avatars. 

Advantages of Metaverse Virtual Classrooms

Greater Engagement

Metaverse classrooms seamlessly blend various technologies to offer 3D simulated multisensory environments that can captivate students and lead to higher engagement with course material.

Collaborative and Interactive

The virtual classrooms are fit with tools like whiteboards, break-out rooms, screen sharing, etc. which allow for better interaction. Students and teachers can come together from wherever they are located and work in groups on various projects or activities and meet and discuss in depth. 

Remote Learning

With the help of the metaverse, technology learning is life-like, flexible, and can be access from anywhere. Remote learners can experience the same vibe as if they are in the physical classroom and in real-time. 

Game-Based Learning: 

Game-based learning has been deploy in education as its offers many benefits. Students are more focused and engaged and can attempt learning as per their personal capabilities. Rewards and achievements inspire them to do more and get better with repeated practice.

Experience Metaverse Classrooms with Edverse

Edverse is the world’s leading educational metaverse developer offering learning and training solutions for schools, colleges, and corporates. Students and teachers keen on exploring the features and benefits of metaverse classrooms or wanting to know more about How to Enter the Metaverse for Education can connect with Edverse.  The experience will be powerful and open new ways to understand and impart knowledge. It is definitely a must-try. 

Wrapping Up 

A study was conduct to test the efficacy of VR as a training tool to assess how immersive environments can foster better learning outcomes. 

The use of VR in the metaverse spurs the learning outcomes through simulated immersive setups. In fact, a study was conducted to test how VR is a potent educational tool. Students were take on a virtual trip to Greenland to observe the effects of climate change. Students could connect better and understand the issue from a first-hand perspective as they were now active participants in that situation. They exhibited better learning outcomes and retention than their peers who observed the issue through an animated video. 

Educational technology is keeping pace with the needs of the 21st century. The metaverse is here to stay. Experience cutting-edge and state-of-the-art purposeful learning with Edverse.

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