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Onetouch EMR – A Cloud Based EMR Solution For Doctors

Onetouch EMR is a cloud-based medical management software that helps physicians to manage a patient’s history. It also assists them with scheduling, reminders, documentation, lab reports, integrated fax, e-prescribing, and more.

The platform is HIPAA compliant and has Meaningful Use certification. It is accessible on mobile devices like iOS and Android, making it easy for practices to qualify for the federal program.

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One touch EMR is a cloud-based EMR solution that assists practices including Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and General Practitioners manage their patient’s medical histories. It can be access remotely by mobile devices running different operating systems like iOS and mechanical man, and it also provides support via telephone, video tutorial, and online chat.

Designed by doctors for doctors, this EMR software is easy to use. It focuses on eliminating unnecessary steps and fields that slow down the flow of a practice’s workflow. It is fully customizable, so you can tailor it to meet your needs.

It’s easy to integrate, and it offers integration with popular practice management and billing solutions. Its telemedicine platform also integrates with CoverMyMeds, and Doctible is a partner, so you can offer patients online messaging.

The software is ONC-ATCB certified and Meaningful Use compliant. It’s a great choice for practices that need to be in compliance with regulations.

Medication tracking is another important feature to look for in an EMR system. It helps reduce errors in prescriptions and it also makes the process of filling medications much easier for patients.

A good EMR should also have a scheduling feature so you can easily schedule appointments and follow-ups. This will improve your productivity and decrease the number of no-shows.

This will save your office a lot of time and it will help you stay organized. You can also schedule reminders to remind your patients about their test results or other appointments.

It’s also a good idea to choose an EMR that has built-in coding support. This will make sure you have accurate codes for each patient so you can get pay faster.

There are many features to consider when choosing an EMR system, but the most important ones should be flexible and scalable. These are both important because they will allow you to customize it to your needs and fit your practice’s style of work.


Onetouch EMR is an iPad-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution that helps practitioners and healthcare organizations manage their patient’s health records. The software comes with a suite of features including documentation management, scheduling, lab and order tools, and demographics.

It also boasts a nifty little feature called the patient portal which allows patients to schedule appointments, keep track of their insurance and billing, and send messages directly to their doctor. This is a great way to cut down on paper and increase efficiency.

The cheapest version of this software costs about $199 per provider per month. This is less expensive than the industry average, which can be as high as $799 for a large enterprise-level system.

Scalable pricing enables practices to choose the features that matter most to their operations and budgets. The free plan provides all the basics, while higher-priced options offer a wider array of features like telemedicine, electronic prescriptions and more.

It is available for Mac, PC and Android devices, and comes with a handy mobile app that can be access from anywhere in the world.

OT EMR is a Texas-based company that develops a comprehensive suite of EMR solutions. The software is a good choice for small and medium-sized practices looking to improve productivity and increase their bottom line.

The software has won numerous awards and accolades for its capabilities. Its most impressive feat is its ability to make the task of capturing a patient’s signature as easy as a click of a button. Other features include the ability to view and edit patient records, verify patient insurance information, set up automated reminders for upcoming appointments, and more.

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Onetouch EMR is a cloud-based medical record software for doctors that offers an extensive range of features and capabilities. It also helps practices streamline their day-to-day operations and improve patient experience. It is an ideal solution for medical practices of all sizes and specialty, including ambulatory care, internal medicine, and skin care.

The system is design by a doctor and has optimal office workflows in mind, so it is easy to use and intuitive. Its user-friendly interface makes charting easier and faster, as well as allowing practitioners to more efficiently manage their time.

It offers a variety of features to meet the needs of any practice, including a scheduling and billing tool. It also allows users to view their patient’s lab reports and communicate with them. Its coding support can help physicians select codes that are the most appropriate for their patients’ procedures and activities.

Additionally, the system has a comprehensive suite of e-prescriptions that can be use to create prescriptions remotely and send them to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. This feature is convenient for both the patient and the practitioner, as it saves both time and money.

Another useful feature of Onetouch EMR is its ability to integrate with MacPractice MD, a leading medical billing platform. This integration ensures that the data from your Onetouch EMR program is automatically forward to MacPractice for billing and payment processing.

In addition to this, the Onetouch EMR system can be customize by specialty and practice to make it the best fit for your business. It is also available for a free trial, so you can try out the platform before making a final decision.

Overall, the Onetouch EMR system is a great choice for any medical practice looking to improve its daily workflows and reduce costs. Its scalable pricing makes it affordable for both solo and small practices.


The Onetouch EMR is a cloud-based solution that helps practitioners to manage patient data. It offers several features including a patient portal, appointment scheduling and patient reminders to name a few.

The software is available in several plans, starting with the smallest at a mere $10 per provider per month. The most expensive package consists of premium features such as patient management, appointment booking and insurance verification.

This is a great choice for any doctor or practice looking to save time and money on their healthcare needs. Its user-friendly interface can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. And it’s also customizable to your unique requirements.

Users of the system have been raving about its ease of use, functionality and flexibility. They have even dubbed the software as a game changer for their practice.

Onetouch EMR’s most impressive feature is their ability to streamline all aspects of a doctor’s practice. From scheduling appointments and billing patients to keeping track of patient records and medication history. The software also boasts a mobile app that makes it simple to access your files on the go. So you can take care of your patients’ needs at their fingertips. The software is also one of the cheapest electronic medical record systems on the market. So it’s a great choice for any practitioner looking to save time and money while increasing productivity.

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