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Cristal Isis is characterized geometrically because it has a main face on the front, larger, with five sides. It has a high, sharp point, like an arrow.

She was so named in honor of the Egyptian Goddess Isis who went out of her way to gather the remains of her husband. Thus the Isis Crystal can heal anything that is broken: the body, the emotions, the mind or the spirit.

It is used to heal very deep emotions out of proportion such as depression or anger or duels impossible to overcome. Isis will bring comfort and integrate the being back to its natural state. It can also help someone who is very afraid to die and is very ill to die.

It will instill courage, strength and the desire to get ahead and also fight for difficult goals.


They are also called Skeletal Quartz for their rare physiognomy. They present very strange shapes, they can have several points in a single crystal, in different directions; they are filled with gaps and inscriptions that look like hieroglyphs or space alphabets.

When an Eternal crosses your path, it is because you are ready to carry out great transformations within, to leave behind many things, people, places, ways of living and thinking. They are great purifiers; they will propel you towards great transformations.

You must be ready to leave the ego behind and all the illusion, the purification process can become very intense and even traumatic and it is necessary to be prepared to leave everything and evolve.

The heavenly leads one to review each burden and leave it behind, each habit that does not square with a higher state of consciousness. These Crystals have a very high vibration and their consciousness is not of this world but of the celestial kingdoms; in fact they formed on Earth far from other quartz, when higher energies manifested they began to form.

An Elestial can help someone who has not yet accepted their incarnation, or someone who is imprisoned in fear and ignorance, can help alcoholics or drug addicts to give up these habits or can help someone to die with conscience.

They can clear the heart of strong emotional charges, can stabilize erratic emotions, and stabilize brain waves to release confusion or dependencies.

The heavenly crystal will open the Crown Chakra and activate the pituitary gland so that it begins to secrete hormones that will translate into celestial, angelic and higher consciousness. The Eternal Crystals are awakeners of consciousness, they will make you connect with the deepest part of your being, they will transmit the whole truth to you without hesitation, and they will face you hard to everything you take for granted. They are the best in reality only that it is necessary to stand well to walk with one and be sure that one wants to know the truth; and well, assume the consequences that this brings.


The Devic Temple Crystals come from Tibet, in large quantities and are full of inclusions inside, of other minerals that have formed as landscapes inside that when you look at them look like moss, you can imagine beings or cities inside and a thousand things in their drawings, sometimes they form colors inside the transparent glass.

They are used to connect with the Devas or spirits of nature and with the Angelic Realms. These crystals were shown to me to connect with the Archangels and to transform physical reality through their help.

Today I know after years of working with them that they are like hotels for different Devas of light or they can house a Crystalline Genie of a Crystal that has already broken and lost its physical body.

They are temples of light and knowledge, you can learn a lot of things in contact with them and they are a kingdom of love and a refuge for the human being.

They are Meditation crystals and have the history of ancient civilizations, they also have the vibration of Tibet that is very high, or of places of great power; it’s time to discover them by meditating with them.

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