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Is it Worth Considering a Holiday in India?

If you’ve ever Holiday in a foreign land, you’d know that many countries across the world make it mandatory to have travel insurance when you are visiting for the purpose of tourism. However, it is not the case in India, where you are not required to buy travel insurance, but still travel professionals suggest getting one when you are looking for India holidays. In this blog, we are going to cover everything related to travel insurance and why you must have one before boarding your flight for Luxury India tours.

What is travel insurance?

It is just like any other insurance that you already might have. For example, health insurance that will cover everything related to your health condition, in case of emergency. Similarly, travel works as a plan to protect against risks and financial losses that are likely to happen when you travel to India. Not all health insurances are the same, so it is highly suggest to know the insurance plan you are going to buy so that you get maximum coverage against loss or damage. The risks may range from minor issues like missed flights to more serious issues including injuries or major illnesses.

What does travel insurance cover?

As we already mentioned, not all health insurance plans are the same. So, based on the type of coverage plan you are opting for, travel insurance can cover a broad array of possible damages and losses. Some of these may include:

Injury or sickness

One of the best parts about having travel insurance when you are on India holidays is that you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your health is protect. Your current health insurance may not cover health expenses when you are in a foreign land, which is why you need travel insurance as this will work in addition to your everyday health insurance. At the same time, your travel insurance will also supplement medical costs if you get sick or injured before or during your vacation.

Lost luggage

Not many people may know this, but a travel insurance plan will completely protect your loss against the loss of luggage when you are traveling to India. This can be especially useful if an airline loses your bags, as it’s not very easy to get an airline company to pay for lost luggage. While there is a rule that the airline company must pay a compensation of ₹19,000 for domestic and ₹66,000 for international travel in case of lost luggage, the process can be really tiring and hectic. To avoid the hassle, it is smart to simply get travel insurance that covers the loss of luggage so you can get the compensation easily.

Last-minute cancellations

We can plan things, but cannot prevent what’s in the fate. This is why it is always smart to go prepared with holiday insurance that will help cover costs stemming from trip cancellations. While it is claim that you get compensation in case of cancellation, the trick here is that not all resorts or cruise lines will give you a full refund in the event of a cancellation. For example, if you cancel the booking two weeks or more before your trip, you will have to pay at least charge a cancellation fee, which might be around 25% of the total cost. But when you have a holiday insurance plan that covers last-minute cancellations, you will be entitle to get a 100% refund of the amount you have paid. Remember that unforeseen circumstances can happen anytime, and you want to be covere just in case.

Advantages of carrying travel insurance to India

It becomes your best friend – When you holiday to India, you are visiting a place where you have no relatives or friends. But since you want to ensure having a perfect experience on luxury India tours, you can count on travel insurance that will help you stay protected in case of unforeseen mishaps during your trip. With travel insurance, you will have access to a customer care support team that will be available 24×7 to help, ensuring that you will enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Complete protection for your family

When you are planning to visit India for tourism, you can choose to go with a premium insurance plan that will provide coverage to everyone in the group. It will offer you a host of benefits along with complete coverage for your loved ones. And the best part is that it will turn out to be an affordable choice, instead of buying multiple policies.

Timely compensations

When you are traveling in a foreign land like India where you have no friends or family members, you will never want to be stuck with no money in your pockets. This is where a travel insurance plan can help with timely compensation in case of loss of luggage, loss or missed flight, etc. You can simply connect with the customer support team and they will initiate the process quickly so you don’t have to face the stress.

Complete medical coverage

While we have already talked about this above, it is important to mention it as an advantage also because you will never want to stick in a foreign land with no money while dealing with a health condition. Since most insurance plans offer cashless treatment, there is nothing to worry about regarding the initial payment. Simply visit the hospital, show your card and everything will be done without cash.

So when you want are planning for India holidays, it makes sense to carry travel insurance to make your holiday experience a great one and free from the worries related to unforeseen incidents that can take place during the trip. Make sure to get a good holiday insurance plan that will cater to all your needs when in India.

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