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If These Things Have Correct Names

If things had correct names then they definitely be cool names like ba baas (sheep) Would be called land clouds, how accurate is that they legit look like clouds, but on the land baaa WOAH… Water would be called snowman blood get it does the snow it’s melted. Can I interest you in some? Snowman blood? No, yeah, that doesn’t sound very appetizing. Let’s just stick to water a group of squid should be called a squad Why isn’t this a thing because then when they do things together? There are squad goals, but when they do things alone? They’re squid goals mm-hmm panda fish guys this is a panda fish like all hail the Majestic panda fish like what the hell is a whale even this one.

I like this one should stick and When you call a platypus a dog puppy makes me want to raise a whole litter I’m like aww so cute can I have six I would have a zoo in my house because I think all animals are super cute and like I still really want to own all of them, but Like is it really no Also like the animals would not be happy like I would try to make them happy But they do not have enough space to roam around here like no Prison pony his crime was being too darn cute another acceptable answer.

I think would have been Barcode horse right I kind of like that one better. Can we change this? Bagel seeds we do guys a bagel or bagel bagel bagel I feel like I used to say bagel and then all my friends are saying bagel, and then I slowly started switching But then I’m just cuz it sounds weird, and I kind of like how it sounds weird. I’m like bagel bagel Bagel, I think it just sounds weird, and I kind of like picking the weird sounding one anyways With enough patience we could plant these and I have breakfast forever that or you just be wasting Cheerios.

same thing mountain fountain My favorite part about this is that it rhymes Mountain fountain, but the only thing is like whoever was taking this picture was way Too close they needed to be running like ten minutes ago These little hands The really kangaroo listens hilarious, so this would be a sea flap flap I think this is just people who don’t want to call things But the real names because it’s too hard to remember cuz what is it? What is this a good amend right something like that no man ray? I don’t know something like that But yeah, I would call this a sea pancake because thank you dialysis But you don’t want to eat this because rude Naming a skunk.

Hey, are you ready for this a fart? squirrel now whoever Miss out on this opportunity and named a skunk. You skunk and didn’t call it a fat squirrel. They done screwed up, okay they screwed up big time we Let’s start a petition to rename these fart squirrels because that’s just so funny about your look. Oh, guys. There’s fart squirrel Oh Ruth fart, okay, I’m immature now This one’s funny because they’ve actually called it this at the store if you call these bananas yellow tree dicks. It’s I Don’t know how I feel about this one like it just makes them so much less appetizing Let’s just keep these bananas some things should just be called what they’re called plus the word banana is kind of funny banana None and up, and then I like the word and they’re my favorite color, so yeah, let’s keep these Wizard cow now he does look very wise like he could grant wishes or something.

I Harry nope Nope, nope nope nope Harry no Awesome known as a Harry These are here so accurate like can we no I’ll just take a second to give a round of applause I’m watching and you’re not clapping come on. Let’s let’s clap. Okay. Good a boater cycle, but this just makes sense I’m genuinely a Little bit pissed that we don’t actually call these boater cycle. What a waste of a word 2d bowl Who smushed all the Bulls into to deed form? Spacebar ball yes Yes YesThe space Bob the great Tom mighty space Bob keeps us warm and lit this was amazing we can call milk Cereal sauce it is sauce for cereals am I right like there are some people who just eat cereal dry But like we’re not talking about those. We’re talking about the ones that use their cereal sauce on their cereal Oh, no. There’s a comment here. That says we call it cow juice That makes me feel gross.

I don’t think it should be called cow juice Slow-motion gorilla also known as slow-motion Donkey Kong DK DK Donkey Kong is back, okay, that’s enough cringe for today. Good dog oh? My god. Well that treats more than just dogs, but if you specialized in treating dogs You should call yourself a dog tour, or a cat tour if you chick gets burger tour if you treat Birds horse tour if you treat red moisturizer that Makes it sound kind of weird and gross, but I’m down You know just putting in some toast lotion to moisturize my bread This is so true because without it the bread is dried you put this on and suddenly the bread no more dry it is now Moisturized beach chicken. We’re like flying rat am I right Always take you my french fries get your own french fries you flying rat beach chicken seagull thing I’m watching you horse tornado This sounds a lot less child friendly than a carousel Like I do not want to send children to a house to a horse tornado that does not sound safe But as you look at you’re like oh, that’s right, but how fast is a horse to NATO really go.

Hopefully not too fast a human shelf Where do you mind you just sit there and display yourself and just watch TV, and you’re like this is my key win shelf Is our daytime bed, you know I don’t know here. We got the good old street chicken You know better known as the PG back in the day They would have been called male chickens male-like male like they said deliver letters letter chicken Broth oast yes. Yes. Yes, rod coast you know bread and it’s Was I trying to say oh yes, yes yes, rod, the rod post bred in its unperfect it forms then it’s toasted and it’s perfect House lego for building real life houses a lot more boring than Play Legos, but still the same thing except on a much much bigger adult scale Formal chicken oh yes, yes yes a chicken who decided to rent a tuxedo.

but some of it looks like he’s like you know what I’m I’m classy yeah Danger zebra, but wait if we’re calling this a danger zebra And we called the zebra a prison pony then this was technical technically Struggles technically be a danger prison pony I like it curvy unicorn Dam unicorn sleigh, you know what I like my unit currents with a little bit of voluptuous You know like I like them with a little bit of curve This is so cute Curvy unicorn he just sounds so much more jest majestic then a rhino horn might even ride a horse, right Rhino rhino Rhinoceros oh my god. What is wrong with me? I was like mixing because I’m trying to learn Dutch right now, and I was mixing it up with the Dutch word for rhinoceros which is Nose horn or something It’s always like rhino horn Ryan wait. It’s not a Pokemon. What’s wrong with me This one.

I know already because I’m from where I’m from Canada where I’m fronting from Where I am from in Canada we have tons of these um. They love to get in our trash and just like Demolish everything, but they’re so darn cute, but also you do not want to pet The kitty will mess your life up, and they are called trash pandas because of the kind of look like pandas But they live in trash cans and eat your trash. This is good or also You know what else would be a good thing maybe baby. Puppy. Yeah, yeah, this is how you get rabies? I’m pretty sure the reverse book. You know because the water is on the inside instead of outside Amazing mind blown. I like I like it. I like it laundry sauce I Don’t know if I find this funny because if that stupid meme that’s going around put laundry socks Okay, this one wins life. I think this one wins life laundry sauce.

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