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How To Use Motivation for Business Growth?

It is the motivation for success in business that helps to set ambitious goals and achieve them. Another thing is that not everyone understands what is the true motivation and its source, does not know how to manage it and, accordingly, cannot use the personal potential or the potential of their employees.

Motivation In Business: What Is It And Why Is It Needed?

The term “motivation” is understood as a person’s motives, what prompts him to action and allows him to achieve success. There is another definition, according to which motivation is what determines the organization, activity of people and controls their behavior. In any case, it is especially needed when the project is taken into operation, but at some stage, its implementation is suspended. Many PPC marketing agencies have used this approach for achieving higher results in their projects and it has worked.

One of the reasons for this situation does not understand where motivation comes from. It is generally accepted that this is energy, some kind of inner strength that makes you go forward and work harder. In fact, motivation is more of a result. A motivated person is one who adequately assessed his achievements, believed in his own strength and set new goals. He knows what he is working for and what benefits he can find, and this gives him energy.

That is why even at the most difficult moment it is important to take the first step and start acting. As the appetite comes with eating, so the motivation to achieve success in business and in life will come with overcoming the first obstacles and difficulties.

Types of motivation levels

In psychology, different types of motivation are distinguished:

  • Internal – the most effective, since it is connected with the content of the activity (if the work is pleasant, it brings pleasure, it is willingly performed);
  • External – comes down to external circumstances that induce a person to do something (work more in order to get a bonus, etc.).
  • There is an opinion that it is advisable to hire employees with strong internal motivation for leadership positions so that they influence their team and lead it to success. But, as practice shows, in order to achieve success in business, it is better to rely on the levels of incentives described in the works of R. Hubbard. There are only 4 of them.
  • Money. Lowest. People with this level of motivation are driven only by the desire to earn more. They are the hardest to manage because they don’t work for the future.
  • Self-Interest. This is the desire to get the desired benefits through work – status, experience, connections, a work car, or even a place near home. Working with such people is also not easy, incentives are important to them, and work may at some point become completely hateful to them.
  • Personal conviction. At this level are people driven by the desire to become professionals anywhere. To do this, they follow their own principles, which they consider to be correct, although they perform their duties well to achieve a result.
  • Call of Duty. The highest level, which encourages a person to give 100% for the sake of their company.

Final Words

It is better to choose people with a higher level of motivation for the team, or later simply to increase it through goals and intentions.

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