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How To Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Harassment?

Keeping kids safe from cyberbullies and online harassment is one of today’s parents’ biggest challenges. May parents are struggling because they are following only custom methods. On the other hand, those who are familiar with parental control apps are at peace. No doubt, custom methods are important and can bring positive outcomes. Talk to your kids about the importance of being responsible and respectful online.

How To Deal With Online Harassment?

It is important to set clear guidelines for internet use, including rules for social media and other digital interactions. Teaching them young is the trick as it slowly becomes their habit. Kids who are practically growing up with smart gadgets need strict guidance. Monitor your kids’ internet activity, and discuss any concerns or red flags with them. Encourage your kids to share information if someone in their circle is experiencing cyberbullying or online harassment. Educate your kids about the potential consequences of their online actions, both for themselves and for others.

  • Social media and digital activities are common; according to statistics, 62% of teenagers have confessed that they switch to social media apps daily. Among them, 34% love to use and enjoy social media.

OgyMogy, one of the best parental control apps, offers many features that can assist in preventing cyberbullies. Here is how you can keep your kids safe from online harassment.

Get Real-Time Screen Alerts:

The best way to keep your kids safe from online harassment or unwanted situation is that you have complete knowledge of their circumstances. Real-time access to all digital activities can solve many problems right away. Report any unwanted encounter or harassment attack immediately to authorities to save your kid. Real-time screen recording features, screenshots, and short video recordings of the screen are a great deal of help in reporting real-time crimes.

Know About All the Facebook Accounts and Pages:

Parental control apps cover all the popular social media platforms. The Facebook spy app offered by OgyMogy lets parents know about all the newsfeed activities and even messenger content. You can know if anyone shares triggering images or videos with your kid on messenger. Not just that, track any red flag in the form of tagging on weird public posts and more.

Monitor The Type of Content They Post on Instagram:

Most of the time, unfiltered or more private content, a picture or video posted by a teenager makes them a victim of online harassment. They don’t even realize that when posting, but later on, things can hunt them badly. With parental control, and app features like Instagram screen recording, parents can strictly monitor the content posted by their kids, especially on public platforms. Posting limited content and sharing less information with strangers is important to avoid unwanted situations.

Don’t Worry About Disappearing Snap Any More:

Kids often receive unwanted or adult content in the form of Snaps on Snapchat, and the app does not save the content on the target device. To avoid receiving any bullying messages, threatening, or blackmailing snaps or videos, it is preferred to use the Snapchat spy app. The app saves all the sent and received content on the web portal with timestamped information. Observe any red flags, report the contact ID, and block it from the teen device without thinking twice.

Block Malicious Comments on Youtube:

Parental control apps like the OgyMogy even cover video streaming channels. So if your kid has a personal account where they post content, it is important to watch the comment section keenly. As bullies can post malicious and hurting comments on a public platform. Monitor the activities by using the Youtube screen recording feature. Even if you have no idea about the youtube channel name or account details, you can still get notified thanks to spy app technology.

Parental control apps are here for technical and professional help but remind your kids that they are not alone and that you are always there to support them. Encourage your kids to be good digital citizens and to use the internet positively and responsibly. Keep the lines of communication open and check in regularly with your kids about their online experiences. Stay informed about the latest technology and trends and be aware of potential risks and dangers

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