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Get a perfect shaped body From tummy tuck with liposuction

These days many people face weight gain problems or tummy tuck. It is a general problem faced by many people and caused due to aging, pregnancy, and massive weight loss. There is a loss of strength of the abdominal muscles, as well as sagging of the skin which can be restored with a tummy tuck.  This often creates an unsightly look and even gives you a weird look.

Reduce tummy tuck with liposuction

The patient does not have too much fat but spoils the whole body shape. Hence this cannot be corrected by tummy tuck surgery.  It is also known as Abdominoplasty. It is more commonly known, Tummy tuck surgery,  done by professionals to remove unwanted belly fat.

Some The skin around the abdomen may lose elasticity for several reasons and can cause a tummy tuck.

  • Pregnancy
  • Large changes in weight
  • Heredity
  • Aging

Treatment With Surgical Help 

In the human body, the Skin that has lost elasticity can become a factor of fat in the body. It may be cause due to various factors. Some of the reasons include pregnancy or weight loss. The treatment cannot tighten up your loose body. If your body faces Loose tissue and weakened muscles then these often become an issue. The treatment requires surgical help. You can undergo an abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck surgery for better results.

It is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the body.  The incision is make from the middle and lower abdomen to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. The procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance and gives you a protruding abdomen. It involves correction at three levels which are below mentioned.

Get the Removal of excess fat

There is always some stubborn fat in your body that can not be maintain by other measures. If your body refuses to go with exercise then you can choose a tummy tuck surgery.

Removal of extra skin

sometimes Massive weight loss or pregnancy can stretch the abdominal skin and you become fat. The skin doesn’t always shrink back completely, with exercise and diet.  This can be achieve with a tummy .

Treatment of other issues

with fat accumulation in the body you can face problems like umbilical hernia etc can be treat simultaneously during a tummy tuck.

The  tummy tuck surgery cost in India surgery depends on below mentioned factors

  1. Extent of surgery
  2. Type of technique used
  3. Primary or secondary surgery
  4. Need for hernia correction
  5. Extent of liposuction
  6. Need for umbilicus correction

The cost of abdominoplasty surgery usually is low in comparison with foreign countries.  In  India normally it ranges from Rs 90000 to 150000  approximately. The costs are excluding taxes, investigations, implants, and other expenses. So, you can book an appointment today and you can avail of this treatment at an affordable cost.


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