South Africa Tour

Stark blue and bright skies, starry deserts, forests, lush green mountains, deep-sea crashing names along the coast – it and South Africa already sport it. Through JetBlue Airlines Reservations, you can book your flight tickets and travel to South Africa.

South Africa is a packed adventure for your lifetime in just a few days. If you are an outsider, South Africa offers you exotic safaris like no other. The country gives you a chance to see the Big Five i.e. lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, and leopard.

If you are someone who loves roads and long trips, the dramatic landscapes of the country make for an excellent road trip. There are some great routes for an ideal road trip, such as Garden Route, Route 62, Wild Coast, or Waterberg Mendor.

Ever an ostrich? Now you can take a ride in Oudtshoorn

Ostrich Safari Park in Oudtshoorn is the ostrich capital of the world. Owned by local ostrich farmers, the farm is spread over an area of 1800 hectares and offers guided tours, a gift shop to give you, and a café to relax. You can see 150 birds at the same time. , Proudly flourishing in their natural habitat. If you have the stomach for it, you can actually ride an adult bird, rest assured that it is a thrill of a lifetime!

Why we recommend this adventure: Riding the ostrich is a unique adventure that you don’t see anywhere but come here to Odshorn. So be prepared for this once in a lifetime campaign and work your way up.

Cango Caves, Pass-through Devils Chimney

Located just 29 kilometers from Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn (17 kilometers from the city of Clen Caro), the Cango Caves are a marvel of nature in terms of the stunning construction of underground caves. You can see a thousand years old stalactites, stalagmites, and complex dripstones. But what Daredevils draw at this point is the Devil’s chimney, which is just 45 centimeters in width.

The Devil’s Chimney is something not to be missed, as it is unlikely to have a well-built natural cave and a natural chimney on it.

What is swimming with sharks? Time to find out!

If you’ve seen the Blue Sea, and want an adventure revolving around a shark, here’s your chance! Deep-sea diving has become popular recently for watching sharks swim. A reassuring thing about this? You are in a cage. The cage is then lowered into the sea and you can see the world’s most dangerous predator floating around.

The best experience of shark cage diving occurs during the South African winter, which is May – October. You can take advantage of this on Mosel Bay or Gatsby. Guns by is two hours from Cape Town, located at a distance of 163 kilometers. This is an expedition to the South African continent, so it really must be brave for the heart.

South Africa

The wildlife reserves of South Africa promise you a great adventure as you can see the big five of South Africa; Lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino, and elephant. You can easily see them all in a few day’s time in private reserves around Kruger National Park (380 km from Pretoria).

Some other reserved places where you can easily come to the Big Five are Hluhluwe-Ifoloji Game Reserve (550 km from Johannesburg), Edo Elephant National Park (750 km from Cape Town), Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve (23 km from Hluhluwe), Etc.

Why we recommend this adventure: Seeing the big five of South Africa is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this is perfect for you.

Watch a whale swim across the horizon

Located just 120 kilometers from Cape Town, the seaside town of the Western Cape, Hermanus, is famous for its “whale watching” activity from July to November. The best part of this adventure is that you can see the whale from the shore. Hermanus is known as the best place in the world for whale watching from the ground.

Why we recommend this adventure: Hermannus is the only place in the world from where you can have a great view of whales from sea to land. This is an adventure you definitely should not miss!