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Different Gaming Types And How They All Made a Breakthrough

Gaming has come a long way in general, these games are something that is popularly common these days but when they all started they were simple and rather basic. In fact, the first console came out in 1977 and despite it being the first it also had a drastic drop in sales. Following that Sega and Nintendo stepped up their game and managed to change that completely, how? Well, they launched their own game that revolutionised gaming completely. This was but the start of a new era as gaming had just started to take off. Then in the later years, newer players made their entries, with the PlayStation once again changing how the world works and the entire gaming industry in the process as well.

NFT Gaming

Following the NFT revolution, There was a sudden change in the gaming industry where several other new players started to pop up. These other players in this case were the XBOX and other gaming companies. While the Nintendo Play station survived, sega took a dip. Now we have come to a new era of gaming where things change at a daily if not hourly rate. That’s not all, the dying P2E  sector has now been revitalise and has become at the forefront of change. With that being said, let us take a look at different types of games, as to how they started off and what they are now, basically an evolution from regular Web1, and Web2 games to Web3 and NFT Play To Earn Games.

FPS games 

The first ever first-person shooter simulation Maze War was release in 1973 for the Imlac PDS-1 computers of the NASA Ames Research Center. The first acknowledged designer of the game was Steve Colley, and it allowed players to shoot at other players (represented by eyeballs) on sight while navigating a 3-D maze one “tile” at a time. While it had never been done before, it was laborious. Then came several others like Space Sim in the year 1974 where it initially debuted in arcades and became widely popular.

Then we fast forward to the early 2000s, where you had games like splinter cell. Counterstrike, and such games that were essentially the best at that time, most of these could be play on both PCs and gaming consoles, the difference is that the case of gaming consoles was a bit different and could not be connect to the internet.

Then when the newer consoles dropped like the PS3 and the XBOX one. Things were different. With the addition of the internet and network, people could connect with other people and play. Games like COD and such started popping up everywhere and it became really popular. Now the Web3 Era has just begun and games like Paradox have already started becoming immensely popular. Paradox is one of those few FPS games that are in the metaverse and is also a P2E game. 

Racing games

Racing games have come a long way from when they first came into existence, these games have changed massively over the years. The first ever racing game was the Atari space race, it was create in the 1970s and was the pioneer of all racing games. Then in 1980  Namco came up with the next generation of racing games called Rally-x which was basically an F1 racing game but the first of its kind. Finally, there was a breakthrough with the games that we play now too, the game that all of us love, Mario Kart! It became immensely popular and children and adults all over the world had a blast.

Then as the world started to change, games like asphalt and NFS started becoming popular too, with their superior graphics and the different kinds of game modes, they quickly took over the gaming sector. Then came Forza horizon which was yet another racing game that came out after all of the other racing games and has become a fan favourite as well. Finally moving onto Web3 racing games, well while there are a few, the one with the highest potential seems to be play to earn car racing game called RADDX.

The game has a P2E concept and the cars can have guns and weapons attached to them as well. The game also has plots of digital land that can be purchase as well. This is a completely revolutionary concept when compare to games of the past and not only that, these cars are NFTs that can be purchase on the NFT marketplace making them 1 of a kind and extremely rare.

Open world games

One of the first games that initiated the concept of an open world could arguably be the Space sim. While it was also a racing game, users could also travel to different galaxies and see different things. Following that, we have Zelda which came out in 1989 and was declare the first-ever Open world game officially. The game had a storyline of its own, but people could still explore their surroundings. Arguably, games like pokemon on the Nintendo could also be call open world as there were no restrictions and they could travel anywhere they wanted to catch pokemon. While there were some conditions that need to be met to finish the game, it was ok to move around and catch new pokemon.

Now one of the most popular games, or most popular open world game in the web2 happens to be GTA. Started in 2001 it set the standard for future open world games. Then came games like Genshin and so on. These games are all considered the start of open-world games and are immensely popular and the games have made quite a mark for themselves.

When moving to Web3, Alien worlds seem to be an interesting one. Essentially the game is one where aliens can conquer and travel to different planets. And apart from that they can also mine tokens and can rent out the land. So if that isn’t quite an evolution then I wonder what is? There are other games like Zed run that have an open world too but this seem like a game that defines the open world a little bit better.


With that being said, the world is rapidly changing and there are already several games we have already played, almost every kind of game that has come out on the market. Yet our gaming desires are yet to be quench and the reason for that is quite simply. Our desires are endless and as humans, we want more and more that is one of the reasons. The other is that gaming is also an essential element that is necessary for the future. And as technology advances, so will games and that’s the end of that.

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