Camping in Thailand

Staying at one of Thailand’s national park headquarters campgrounds is a great place to start for those who want to camp in the country. The park rangers are available 24 hours and visitors can point out the main tourist attractions in the area for viewing. So what’s the delay, quickly book your flight ticket with the help of United Reservations. Book now for the best offers.

Everything needs to be camped properly in the following national parks, with cots, mats, sleeping bags, tents and even kirasan lamps available for rent. Due to the abundance of cheap hotels and hostels available for travelers, it is not at all popular for tents in the country. Here are the best camping and glowing sites in Thailand.

Naga Noi Beach Camp, Phuket

The beach camp on Naka Island is privately owned and has a total of 5 tents facing the sea. The camp is only 10 minutes drive from Phuket and provides a stunning and quiet location to camp. During the day, the beach is crowded with tourists, but come in the evening and you will keep the whole beach with you. The camp provides gear for snorkeling and kayaking which is free if you like to engage in adventure sports.

You can sit on the beach and have a sunset witnessing cocktail with its gold, yellow, and orange colors. The tents are spacious and are equipped with sleeping bags, small tables and power sockets. Bathrooms are shared, and the package includes a free breakfast. You can also request for barbecue and seafood, although this will incur an additional charge. The cost of camping here is THB 2500-3000.

Camp out Korat

Located just a few hour’s drive from Singapore, Korat camping site is ideal for those who want to enjoy the feeling of the outdoors without getting their hands dirty. Also known as Nakhonratsima, the city is famous for its caravan camping style.

The trailers are parked with virgin blue water amidst lush forests and ponds, and they offer a full range of services designed to make your life easier while you are on the field. Facilities offered include barbecue dinner, paddle boating, pond fishing, dinner under the night sky, and feasting on local cuisine.

There is a restaurant nearby, so you can also see other dishes. If you are traveling with your partner, camping in Korat is probably one of the most romantic and intimate things in Thailand. The cost of camping here is anywhere from 1300-1500 THB.

Similan Islands

For adventurous souls seeking raw experiences that have been separated from the luxurious residence, which these days are associated with travel, there is no better activity than camping on the island of Similan.

The island has no hotels, bars, or restaurants and no roads, motorbikes, or cars are available. It is the unpublished beauty of you and the natural world around you. If you are going to camp for the first time, this may not be a holiday for you. Tents are basic, and there are no facilities or luxurious facilities, so make sure you are prepared for this before making your reservation. Go and book a flight with United Airlines Reservations.

With lush green forests and white sand beaches, this is the perfect place to explore your surroundings, rejuvenate your mind and relax your body. Explore the island to your heart’s content, go hiking by the beach, enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling, and do speedboat tours around the island. A holiday will be a salute to your tired soul, and you will cherish memories for a lifetime.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park is only a two-hour drive from Bangkok and is well worth a visit. Inside this magnificent campground, tourists will get to see waterfalls and lots of wildlife. Occasionally, guests will see wild elephants crossing the road within the campground in the morning. There are also wild dogs, pigs, and deer that are known for this national park. Kho Yai National Park is home to two camps. The Lam Ta Khone is the better of the two, and it sits near the visitor’s center. It is a large open camp area surrounded by both rivers and lakes.

Iravan National Park

Erawan National Park is located a few kilometers from Bangkok, and if you are traveling to Thailand, you will not be camping in this beautiful park forever. Away from the traffic sounds of Bangkok and the concrete building, the park offers a perfect jungle retreat for weary tourists. The weather here is not only cold, but it also offers spectacular views of the springs that follow. The falls also make natural swimming pools with rocks, so carry your swimsuit.

At a nominal price of 150 to 200 MITs, you experience the joy of sleeping under a clear sky packed with shining diamonds, the sound of a waterfall, and the trek deep into the forest. The Falls Up Trail is adventurous and refreshing, with various pools along the way where you can take a relaxing dip in the cold water. Do not forget to carry the camera together, as you will want to relive the moments again and again.