We were spoiled for choice after receiving a long list of romantic places to bring back some spices and lots of sugar for our married life. But, I have always been with people whose choice has usually been far from traditional. So, we dropped off the long list and picked a destination that defined us in the best sense – warm, rebellious, and versatile. If you want to go here, you can book tickets for Southwest Airlines with the help of Southwest Airlines Reservations.

Best way to travel from India

The first step in planning our highly anticipated second honeymoon was to book a flight ticket. And it was a lot more convenient than we expected. We flew Qatar Airways from Delhi to Doha and then Gothenburg. There was no trouble in relation to changing flights or losing time during the change.

As soon as we landed in Gothenburg, we were immediately impressed by the friendliness of the people. We have traveled to many countries which boast good hospitality. The people of Gothenburg took good hospitality to a high level, which made us feel at home in this foreign city very quickly.

By the time we arrived at our hotel, many people had already met us, including the security staff at the airport, the nice old lady at the baggage aisle, and our driver. The ride from the airport was specially made memorable by the amazing conversation I had with the driver. He was a big fan of Bollywood films and wanted to know more about how festivals are celebrated in India, especially Holi. His warm and welcoming censure gave us immediate rest.

We traveled through picturesque urban landscapes on the way to the hotel and decided to rest for a few hours before hitting the city. We only awoke in the evening and decided to start exploring what we do through our thumbs.

Gastronomic onset

It is fun, but our holiday began with an evening breakfast at one of the restaurants around Gothenburg Feskekorka or Fish Church, as it is popular. 19th fish market looking like a church! This was exactly the type on which we were to start our second honeymoon. Ria and I are both seafood lovers so it was a pleasure to try some indigenous Swedish dishes such as fish soup such as Rouille and Söttsarka Fiskbüller.

In an effort to burn all those calories, we wanted a fun night around the city. Therefore, we decided to head to Nefertiti, a prestigious jazz club located in the city center. To be frank, we are not a duo who are into jazz, but Nezertity has a lot more to it than jazz. While EDM is more of our taste, Nefretti played some of the best blues and dance music in addition to jazz.

City search

We started our next day at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. While the museum has 15th-century Nordic relics, Rhea loved the fashion displays that were on display. Ahead of our plan, Haga was one of the oldest areas in the city, full of unique architecture, hip cafes, and vintage shops. The houses here were very unique, unlike the two of us never seen before.

The first floor of the houses here is built with bricks and wood with the upper floors. We had lunch at En Deli, where we surprisingly found plenty of vegetarian food choices served over Middle East food. After lunch, we took the tram from Haag and continued exploring the city.

The next part of the day was a surprise for Riya where I took her to Trudgresfrenning. I told him that we were going to a place with that name, but left him wondering what it might be. The Trädgårdsföreningen or Garden Society of Gothenburg is a 19th-century park, with a beautiful botanical garden with over 15,000 flowers. Riya loves flowers, and the more she enjoyed being around flowers, the more difficult it was to capture all those beautiful memories. The second part of the surprise was a relaxing massage at the iconic Haag Bathhouse, which is highly recommended by locals.

The dinner was planned by Rhea and she decided to take us to Smika, a casual bar, and restaurant known for serving traditional home-cooked Swedish food.

Romance on the islands

We took an early ferry to the North Archipelago off the coast of Gothenburg, where we rented bicycles and enjoyed a spectacular romantic ride along the blue sea away from the city. To sunbathe and do nothing but enjoy each other’s company, we had a great time. Later in the day we left for the southern archipelago and came back to town only after dinner. Here’s an interesting fact – the Fika experience is also available on the ferry! Who would have thought?

The next day we walked to Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park. We were ready to have children again and try every ride at the amusement park. It was Riya who wanted an adventure day so I decided to take pictures of her when she rode the world’s largest wooden roller coaster. However, I was entertained at later performances by local artists who were eager to take personal requests and connect with the audience.

Don’t love shopping?

As it was our last night in Gothenburg, we decided to go shopping. We started with Domikkiran, known for its sustainable shopping outlets. There are many vintage interior decoration shops where we bought some wood frames and wall hangings. At a grocery store called Farm Accolives, we bought some Swedish quinoa and Roots Kombucha to take back home. Next, we visited an old fashion shop offering clothes from the 70s. And how we could not find nude jeans for ourselves. Nudie Jeans is a world-renowned brand of Gothenburg, known for its organic denim collection.