Wedding Flowers

Weddings and flowers go together. Every lovely flower tells another story, consolidating the bride on her big day. If you plan a wedding and don’t know which bouquet to go with, why don’t you go with the time tested florals? These are the most common flowers of all time for the wedding flower delivery. Let’s have a glance over the most popular wedding flowers:


Gardenias are open all year round. The grower usually cut these richly fragrant flowers to have a stem, less than an inch long. They bring off so much lush perfume that only a few can fill a room with fragrance in here and there. Gardenias are beautiful when floating in shallow baths. This means they can be used more sparingly and can last in good shape up to a week if the water is adjusted every day or so.


With just a few stems Hydrangeas can make any arrangement or bouquet look beautiful and complete. Hydrangeas are one of the most common wedding flowers and are obtainable in several shades of pink, blue, purple, white and more. They are very sluggish and prone to wilt from heat or water shortage quickly. The white hydrangea varieties exhibit more bruising than the other colors. Such flowers are likely to easily wilt regardless of the color you choose, so they are best placed in water or wet foam. In a hand-tied bouquet in garden style, you’ll find them dropping out of water within less than an hour of extracting the hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are accessible all year, especially in the summer season. Although many varieties are accessible throughout the year, many hydrangeas purchased off-season for a higher price tag are undersized and of poorer quality.


Orchids are available throughout the year, depending on their size, but their prices are subject to significant fluctuations. These are cold prone and can bruise or drop blooms during shipping with rough handling. Orchids are immune to loss of moisture and heat, making the perfect bouquet and online flowers for the body. A heat and dehydration resistance makes them ideal for summer weddings.


Roses are supplied over the year. These are known to be a love symbol and they have got an iconic and romantic feel that never goes out of style. They are mildly fragrant, and literally come in thousands of varieties. Roses are lovely flowers and are versatile. If it comes to longevity, roses are a mid-of-the-road flower that is neither tough nor too delicate. They are likely to open up in warm conditions. This is often ideal, for example, when the roses are part of a garden-style arrangement. The duration usually ranges from the end of January to mid-February.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies own deserved position in the ten wedding flowers that are most common.

Gerbera daisies are available throughout the year and come in a wide range of colors. There are, however, limited availability of specific colors and varieties. If buying a particular range, ask the florist if this is the case. Choosing gerbera daisies by color is better than deciding on a specific cultivar or variety since the exact gerbera cultivar you chose might not be at its best for your wedding.


Tulips are a beautiful wedding flowers choice year-round. One of the reasons tulips are popular is because they come in a variety of hues. Tulips are available much of the year but appear at their peak quality and prices from February until April. They can be one of the most inexpensive choices when used in Spring weddings.

Tulips are fragile to heat that tends to blow them open, leading to loss of petals. Apparently, tulips often grow after being cut. The combination of these wonders will make an arrangement appear in mere hours!

So bear in mind these facts when selecting your wedding flowers to ensure the optimum quality, longevity and price. Your florist could also send flowers to Jaipur online and guide you through more seasonal wedding floral choices and help you make the best choices to adorn your wedding.