Cat Shipping Services

When you are thinking of traveling overseas from your place to any other state or country, the whole procedure in moving gets very exhausting for a person who is trying to manage everything on his own. While you always want your cat to accompany you to every place you travel, it becomes almost impossible to manage everything. 

When you plan to travel to a long distant place, traveling by road remains no option to take, and you will have to travel by air. There are certain restrictions that you have to face while traveling on a plane, and in fact, many airlines do not allow the pet to travel in a cabin and will be shipped in the cargo.

While traveling with your pet seems very tempting to you, the workload might become too much for you to handle. The best solution to this issue is the pet shipping services. The pet shipping industry is growing huge these days by looking at the need of an hour. Today, people love traveling with their pets and would not mind an upper hand helping them through it while pet shipping services understand every single need of the owner; they themselves take care of the pet like their own under the supervision of experts.

Below is given a list of the best carrier services in the USA:-

1. CitizenShipper:

Citizenshipper, has gained a reputation of being a perfect choice of the owners and breeders. The company has its own way of shipping and managing everything. They undergo a collaboration with the travelers and contact them whenever it gets a new order. If the route suits the transporter, he agrees to the shipment, and once you get verified, the shipping is confirmed. The company has now made about hundreds of shipments by now and has delivered the pets with utmost safety and care. They will connect your pet with professional, animal-loving, independent contract transporters committed to excellence.

2. PetAir UK:

This organization is being run by the pets and is known as the only pet shipping services organized by extreme professionals. This fact makes the organization even more appropriate as one who understands your pets better than your vets. 

When your cat enters the shipping service’s premises, it is taken care of as a small kid, and everything and requirements are to take care of all the responsibility. This company was established in 2004 and has already transported 12,000 animals. They are known for making international travel to almost all the destinations and take the responsibility of choosing the most appropriate airlines to offer the shortest and perfect journey possible.

3. Happy Tails Travel Inc:

This company is located in the Arizona herbs and has established a solid record of making a hundred percent safety record in the experience journey of 22 years. This organization takes the order of pet shipping for most of the countries and has a wide network around the world. They take care of all the formalities along with just traveling efforts, from customs clearance to medical health certificates and vaccinations. Once you hire them, you need not think about any other factor that is to be taken care of, while making travel. That’s will make your trip enjoying.

4. Pet Oasis:

This company takes care of all the orders for in and out of the United Arab Emirates and offers a one-stop destination service where they would take care of all the formalities and provide door-to-door services. 

This company is also owned by a licensed vet and handles every step, including in the procedure with all the care and responsibility. They also provide in house veterinary checks to ensure the perfect health of the cat before onboarding.

5. Airpets:

This company’s base location is based on the easiest reach of the Uk’s biggest airport: London Heathrow. This company is known for providing the most luxurious traveling services to your pet. They provide all the grooming sessions and pamper it like an emperor. They have a huge client base of the renounced celebrities and business class people. They boast about the quality of the service they provide, and it is reflected in the pricing and hence is a little expensive compared to all the other companies.

6. Pet Flight Inc:

This Canadian organization has also set a record of safe shipping services for over 20 years, where not a single pet was hurt, injured, or died during the journey. They have various branches in the different parts of the country and provide their services for transportation for major countries. They handle both importations as well as exportation of pets for Canada.

Other Pet Shipping services for cats are:

7. Animals Away

8. Pet Carriers International

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10. Air Animal