As businesses grow at an outstanding pace, off shoring software development for economical and technological reasons is actually a strategic business movement. By off shoring a range of critical software development tasks – from programming to custom software development to software maintenance and support – companies can spare themselves out of the challenge of hiring and enabling proficient staff, while still ensuring they get the highest high quality computer software delivered within the shortest feasible time.

Myth 1: Time-gaps Cause Lower Productivity

From the IT world, completing projects is vital since new technologies and notions are evolving. Based on these partners’ topographical location, off shoring workday hours between teams that result in low growth and can translate to stark change with time zones.


While this stress is clear, it’s very important to remember there are many countries where part of the job evening overlaps. Therefore collaboration can occur for improved efficacy. When there is no overlap, many offshore development partners make the time zone difference work for them — offering around-the-clock support by working in shifts.

Myth 2: Communication with Offshore Partners is Difficult

Although offshore development is forecast to enhance software development quality, communicating cans throw off course if coping with overseas teams.


In today’s digital world, using advanced technologies available; it’s possible to get a team fluent in a language, more confident with a particular dialect, in communicating by way of a channel or adept. The notion that someone cannot work with those from other time zones in conjunction is, for the most part, an idea. Now, instant messaging, videoconference, along with email allows clients and their spouses from across the globe to communicate with one another a lot better than ever before.

Myth 3: Outsourcing Means Lower Quality Products

Since partners are located in faraway locations without face to face interactions throughout the enhancement project, trusting remote workers becomes reasonably hard.


As the above statement might be true with spouses who lack authenticity, foreign development teams that is reputable offer quality of work. Reputed off shore teams make use of proven technologies and time tested methodologies. Agile project management methodologies are specifically known to enable more transparency. As relationship and a partnership have been recognized, and industry standard benchmarks are depended upon, caliber is a priority for some offshore partners.

Myth 4: IT Outsourcing Is Simply Suitable for Big Organizations

Big companies with earnings have an adequate funding for contracts, and which companies cannot afford.


The reality is that almost any company can gain from outsourcing. SMBs could get support service that is ensured than employing personnel in a much cheaper rate. Also, businesses can get customized services for a particular period of time, at a manageable cost from an service provider that can offer substantial savings on employee overhead that is predetermined.

Myth 5: Outsourcing Costs aren’t Beneficial at the Long-term

Outsourcing is cost effective at the initial phase, however in the long term, costs increase fast and eventually; outsourcing becomes costlier than employing an in-house team.


Employing a single person to restrain IT operations in an organization will cost thousands of dollars every year in salary, employer insurance coverage plan, contributions, and training. For associations that have complex IT requirements, more staff will likely be required that will result in expenditures. Employing a service team can provide all of the great things about an entire team of IT experts without the employment expenses.

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